9 Gorgeous & Classy Christmas ideas from Zara Home

It’s time for a classy Christmas setup in your entire home, where gorgeous Xmas details give charm to each space and corner of your home. So, check out 9 gorgeous & classy Christmas ideas from Zara Home:

1. Cozy at home

If you own a chimney, make this space count, especially for the holiday season. Decorate your elegant chimney with plants and three branches and make it look as natural as possible. Make it more magical with lights and candles and create a cozy reading corner next to it with tartar blankets and holiday themed pillows.

2. The themed table setup

No matter if you have guests or not, your dining table has to be decorated with lovely Christmas ornaments.  Choose an elegant red and gold color palette and mix match deco elements, globes and three branches in this classy shades and place them in the middle of your dining table.

3. The elegant Christmas tree

The Christmas tree has to be the start of any room you add it in and you have to pick for it two or maximum three colors. Go for classy and sophisticated shades like purple, burgundy and gold and make your Xmas tree dreamy and really special. As for the bottom of the three, decorate it with an elegant cover in a rich shade.

4. Christmas kitchen

To give a classy Christmas spirit in your kitchen space add green and red dishes all over the place. This way the traditional colors will pop out with style around this space. Also, decorate your kitchen table with classy long red candles in golden and vintage inspired candlesticks.

5. Dinner time

Make your dining table special for Christmas with long red candles in different sizes placed in dreamy and vintage looking candlesticks. Also, make small Christmas tree arrangements for each guests at this lovely diner table and decorate the ceiling with gorgeous tree branches.

6. Christmas reading corner

In the cold season we tend to read more that’s why we need a cozy reading corner in a comfy armchair. Decorate it with tartar and plush pillows and add next to it a side table decorated with tree branches and scented candles with a holiday scent.

7. Kids corner

Make a classy kids setup just in time for Christmas using vintage inspired wood decorations. Choose creative pieces that will stand out and that are different from one another and place them in a small Christmas tree, where your kid can reach and arrange them.

8. Nature inspired staircase

Make your staircase the star of your hallway by decorating it in the Christmas spirit. Use oversized tree branches, magic linghts and classy candles, in all sizes. It will be a joy to look at!

9. Waiting for Santa Clause

Give a holiday theme to your kids or teens bedroom using tartar sheets and pillow cushions. Also, decorate the space with wooden Christmas decorations with a vintage twist. All is left to do is tell a dreamy Christmas story that will go with this classy decor.

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