7 Tips for Purchasing Brand New Kitchen Knives

One of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment you need is a good knife. Having a high-quality kitchen knife will make your cooking job go a lot smoother. Chopping should be safer and faster with a durable knife. If you think it’s time to upgrade to a better kitchen knife, then you’ll want to know how to choose carefully and make a good purchase. 

Learn about some things to consider when purchasing brand new kitchen knives.  

Type of knife

First, you should decide the tasks you plan to do with your knives. Whether you are going to use your knife for cutting, carving, or butchering, you will need to think about what types of blades and sharpening methods available to you. For example, some knife sets offer a variety of blades that will help you cut different types of foods. A Japanese knife set, for example, comes in various types and blade styles. Some types of kitchen knives also feature a built-in sharpener, which is a handy feature. 


A good-quality knife is one that has been well made. It must have a very good sharpness—knife blades should be sharp enough to easily slice through anything that needs slicing. They should be made of steel or stainless steel. They also need to be durable as well. Therefore, if you want to buy a good-quality kitchen knife that will last a long time and give you a lot of satisfaction, then you must opt for a good brand. 


There are two ways knives are constructed. Here are the differences:

Forged knife sets are generally made with a single piece of metal. They’re first heated up and then struck to produce the perfect shape. Forged knife sets are generally made with a single piece of metal. There have been different contemporary ways to forge knives, but the most traditional way is to heat them up and then strike to produce the perfect shape. Forged knife sets are often preferred because of the strength and durability they provide.

Stamped knives are constructed by a machine and are punched out of steel. The edge is then sharpened after creating the main shape blade, and the knife has a uniform thickness. These aren’t as good as forged knives, but there are many stamped knives that do well. 


If you’re always cooking, then a good quality kitchen knife set should be a worthwhile investment. A good chef’s knife that’s well-built and stays sharp for long will be worth the cost. For other knife types, they may not get used frequently and may also be cheaper than a chef’s knife. Learn more about the cost of the kitchen knife you’re eyeing and determine if it’s a good choice for you in terms of usage and cost. 


You’ll also need to take into consideration the type of material from which the knife is made. Many kitchen knives are made of stainless steel, which can be durable, strong, and easy to sharpen. However, other high-end knives use carbon steel, which is sturdier but less durable in the long run since they’re more prone to rust and stains, especially when not properly cared for. There are also other knives that are made of ceramic. This type of knives is lightweight and can stay sharp for a long time. However, when they begin to dull, they can be hard to sharpen and should be sent to a professional instead of sharpening it at home. 


Another important thing to consider in purchasing kitchen knives is storage. Before getting one, think about where to keep them to maintain an organized kitchen. There are knife sets that come with a block that holds all the knives in one place. If you choose this kind, you may not have the option to choose your preferred knife types and you’ll have to keep what’s included in the set. 

Other features and extras

 While this is totally optional, it’s still a factor to consider. Here are some extras you may want in your knives.

Magnetic knife rack. This is considered the best way to store high-quality kitchen knives since it takes up less space and prevents damage by preventing knives from bumping into other kitchen items. 

Sheath. Other knives have a sheath that will help keep the blades from slicing or cutting other kitchen items. 

Sharpener. Most knives need sharpening at some point. If you’re planning to invest in the best set of kitchen knives, then a sharpener should be a good addition.

Final Thoughts

There are several factors to consider when purchasing new knives for your kitchen. Depending on your priorities, you can always find a knife set that suits you. The best way to ensure quality is to purchase from a reputable seller. Whether you want to buy online or through a physical store, you’d want to research your options first to make an informed decision. 

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