10 Dreamy Industrial IKEA elements to choose for your home in 2021

Perfect for a cozy and warm home and also a great style for an office space, the new trends say the industrial style will rule 2021. So, as IKEA has a lot of cool industrial deco elements I’ve chosen the perfect top 10 items for your new home. Check out 10 Dreamy Industrial IKEA elements to choose for your home in 2021:

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1. The cool bookcase

It’s often that the industrial style matches metal elements with wood or brown details and that’s why this dreamy FJALLBO bookcase it perfect for the New Year. Shop it here.

2. The cool chair

Industrial and retro looking, this unique looking KULLABERG swivel chair will represent that vintage wannabe treasure any home needs in 2021. If you like it you can buy it here.

3. An industrial storage solution

If you own a lot of tiny and unorganized items in an industrial looking space, the REJSA box is the perfect solution to store them in a corner of the room or in a bookcase or glass cabinet. Find them here.

4. The cool TV unit

This industrial looking FJALLBO TV unit is perfect for your entertaining space. It has the perfect industrial look and a lot of great storage space. Check it out here.

5. The dreamy ottoman

A perfect mix between a relaxing bohemian style and an industrial one, this dreamy GAMLEHULT ottoman is perfect for a corner of any room of your home. Shop it here.



6. More storage!

Great for any kind of storage, working even as a clothing rack, the RAVAROR unit on casters has a minimal design with an industrial look and it’s a practical idea for any home. Check it out here.


7. The practical drawer unit

Super industrial and very practical, having also labels, the HELMER unit is the perfect storage solution for any office space. Purchase it here.

8. The industrial floor lamp

With a very cool design that shows the industrial style, this cool RANARP floor lamp will give personality to any space you add in. Buy it here.

9. The power of red

Bold and industrial, the NIKKELBY clothes rack is perfect for your favorite items or some extra clothes you really want to display. Shop it here.

10. The futuristic WiFi speaker

Because the industrial style has also hi-tech elements, check out this cool and dreamy looking SYMFONISK lamp with WiFi. Find it here.

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