7 Nordic style living room ideas for a Winter Wonderland home

This season get cozy in a Nordic inspired living room with a cold color scheme, neutral shades or pastels, green plants, minimal or Scandinavian furniture and the coolest deco elements you can find. Check out 7 Nordic style living room ideas for a home Winter Wonderland:

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1. Waiting for the cold days

Give a wow effect to your Nordic living room space by mixing Scandinavian and glam deco elements and furniture. Give some shine to these cold shades with golden or silver accents and make everything cozy with cool rugs, covers and blankets in the same winter inspired color scheme.

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2. Pastel color pop

If you want to add color in a Nordic inspired living room, pastels are just perfect for it. They are cold shades that work perfectly with a winter color scheme, the’re chic and sophisticated and bring the same calm vibe the clean Nordic style brings to a space.

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3. Comfy day

Choose just a few pieces of decor for your Nordic living room, but make sure you make them super comfy with tons of neutral pillows and blankets. This way your living room will be cozy and relaxing, just perfect for the winter season.

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4. A glam touch

Glam elements look amazing in a Nordic inspired living room, making everything look luxurious and sophisticated. A glam marble table or fancy chandelier can be easily paired with a Scandinavian sofa, and a glam armchair can be magical around a Nordic side table. Mix & match these two styles for a fabulous result!

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5. Grey and cozy

Make a grey Nordic inspired space super cozy with pillow cushions or covers with frills and fur. Also, make a great contrast in this room by pairing black deco elements with grey shades and neutrals.

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6. Neutral and calm look

This space looks super calm because it has low and relaxing looking furniture in neutral shades. Also, the nature inspired pieces of furniture emphasize on the relaxing vibe in this space, bringing also a trendy look to this room.

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7. Minimal way

The nature inspired furniture in a must-have this year for the Nordic style because the minimal elements made from natural fabrics like rattan, wood or raffia look simply amazing! Pair them with industrial elements and classic furniture and you will have a dreamy Nordic inspired space.

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