4 Proactive Home Repairs for Every New Homeowner Should Consider

Whether you’re considering a move to Oklahoma or buying a house down the street from your mom in your own hometown, it’s important to note that no house is immune from needing to be fixed. Luckily, there are some proactive moves you can make as a new homeowner, whether you’re settling in Oklahoma City or somewhere else.

From getting a roof inspection to HVAC unit maintenance and from the hot water heater to window replacement, there are a few repairs that you can be proactive about and hopefully never have to spend major money on. In this article, you’ll find a few repairs every new homeowner should be proactive about within six months of moving into their new home.

1. Roof Repairs

As any Oklahoman knows, living in Oklahoma City you’re going to be in for some major storms, even tornadoes, that could affect not only your home but your roof system as well. Just like every other part of your new home, it’s important to check for moisture, rot, and even premature roof failure on your dream house. It’s best to be proactive when it comes to roof replacement and roof repairs when you first move in. Having a quality roof inspection by a reputable roofing company can save you from a major repair or premature roof replacement. After all, who has the money to spend on a roof replacement when you just bought your home? So, whether you live in Oklahoma City, Tulsa or somewhere else in the United States, your roof should be one of your top priorities when you move in.

2. HVAC Maintenance

Your HVAC unit is one of the most important systems in your house, as well as one of the largest. Replacing one of these can cost you well into the thousands, so it’s important to have it inspected and repaired as soon as you get into your new home. You should be proactive, by finding a reputable HVAC service and having your unit inspected right away. Once you’re given the all-clear, then you need to have the unit inspected at least twice a year, more often if you feel like something is wrong with the unit.

3. Hot Water Heater Repair

While replacing a hot water heater isn’t near as expensive as replacing the roof or your HVAC system, it’s not an expense you want if you can help it. The first telltale sign that your water heater is on the fritz is that cold shower you have to endure in the morning. While it might be tempting to ignore the first cold shower or ignore rust-colored leaking and strange noises, a repair will cost you around $500, while a replacement will cost a whole lot more. When you first suspect something is wrong, get a repairman out to fix it as soon as possible. Remember, check the hot water heater when you first move in and if it’s outdated and old you might want to go ahead and upgrade to an energy-efficient one instead.

4. Window Replacement

When you first move into your new home, it’s easy to put off things such as window replacement until you have a little more money. However, windows can be used to heat and cool your home just like your HVAC unit. If the windows are dry rotted, have cracks or are broken and old, chances are your electric bills are going to soar. Replacing them when you first move in will help you in the long run.

These are just a few of the home repairs you should be proactive about as a new homeowner. Remember, fixing these things and having them inspected now will save you a ton of money on down the line.

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