The new IKEA Dekorera collection – A tribute to art and creativty

Let’s go back in the past, most exactly in the 17th century when Dutch painters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals were the real stars through their art. The new IKEA collection titled ”DEKORERA” approaches art and creativity in a Scandinavian way bringing furnishing accessories and textiles with rich colors and cool geometric shapes.

A geometric look of Vermeer’s ”A girl with the Pearl Earring” along with da Vinci’s ”Monalisa” are the stars of this vintage looking and colorful collection that will bring personality, class, an artistic vibe and a lot of joy into any home.

Calm pottery elements bring a shabby chic vibe to a space with floral pillows and cozy covers, making these elements perfect for an autumn nook or a cabin in the mountains.

The still life captures you see in the gorgeous famous painting become a constant inspiration for this collection and also inspire you in making your own dreamy still life stylings for your own home.

These pieces are also dark, dramatic and mysterious being perfect for a home with dark shades or an artistic space in which you can set up a romantic candle light dinner.


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