Libra Zodiac Sign – How to decorate your home according to the new trends

A pretty, perfectly balanced and organized home is what a Libra dreams off when talking about home decor. A super creative sign, Libra will search for true beauty and the perfect visual image in its own home. Speaking about beauty, Libras love a well styled bookcase or an organized closet with a lot of space.

Also, when it comes to proportions, speaking of furniture, prints and colors, it all has to be well balances in their beautiful home.

Because Libras love symmetry very much, their home can sometimes look overdone, so mix and match fabrics, colors or styles to create a home that also shows personality and most of all, your own personality! A sign that doesn’t like to be or live alone, a Libras home will be great styled in pairs and, most especially, for a pair.

Think about matching elements and a space that’s great for two. Moreover, as an air sign you sometimes like to begin a project and forget to finish it before starting a new one, so take one at a time and find balance in your life, that will also reflect the look of your home.

When it comes to colors, a sign of balance such as Libra will search for calm and relaxing looking shades, that’s why pastels and serene colors are just perfect for a Libra.

So, check out three new trends that Libras can pick for their dreamy home:

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1. Art deco inspired round mirrors

When it comes to true home decor beauty, the art deco style has all the answers. And this year, most of all, art deco inspired round mirrors are a must-have for any of your home and we know, dear Libras, that you love mirrors so much!

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2. Hotel looking bedroom

Since a Libras home is best in a pair, a hotel inspired bedroom with two identical nightstands and lamps and also with the perfect symmetry will be perfect according to your home decor desires. Also, a lot of bedroom trends get their inspiration from different hotels around the world, being more simple, organized and well structures. Less is more when is comes to bedroom spaces!

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3. Woven furniture

A sign that loves a calm vibe such as you Libra will love the dreamy woven furniture that’s so popular this year. There are a lot of different styles to it, so for you the elegant and bistro inspired rattan chairs and the furniture with a stylish vibe will fit perfectly your personality.

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