6 Gorgeous fireplace decor ideas for a cozy fall

The fireplace, the star of the cold season, can get dreamier than ever and we have the perfect ideas for it! From a fall themed scenario to an artsy or vintage inspired setup, you must check out these 6 gorgeous fireplace decor ideas that welcome a cozy fall:

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1. Nature vibes

Get in the fall spirit and decorate your fireplace with elements you gathered from nature – some pampas details, fall leaves or even chic tree branches. Also, add a retro inspired mirror to the space and some cute green plants and earthy stones.

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2. Retro dreams

This fireplace decor idea goes great a in French chic apartment or retro themed home. So decorate this dreamy corner of your home with vintage inspired mirrors, paintings and framed pictures and add also elegant candlesticks and scented candles.

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3. Artsy decor

I absolutely love this decor idea, it’s super classy and sophisticated. So, if you don’t light a fire in your fireplace and keep it just as a decor piece, you can fill it with books, paintings and sculptures. As for the top, go with the same style and add artsy framed pictures mixed with paintings, mirrors and make the space just perfect with some dreamy pampas elements.

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4. The home museum

Transform you fireplace corner into a home museum. Add trendy sculptures, pottery vases, glam decor elements and your favorite paintings or framed pictures. Moreover, you can match your favorite flowers with the colors of the art. This will represent the artsy corner of your home, any home needs one!

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5. California dreaming

If you are a forever summer fan, this Californian chic idea is just perfect for your fireplace corner. So make a woven mirror the star of this dreamy corner and match it with exotic plants, cactuses in all sizes, candles and cool decor elements.

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6. Cool and romantic

Loving this fireplace decor elements with pink and romantic details, it will look amazing in a feminine, modern, French or retro interior. So, decorate your dreamy fireplace with romantic flowers, scented candles and even jewelry and give it more personality with a cool framed picture.

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