10 Dreamy Zara Home items we love in October

From working at home, to cooking, resting and being Eco-friendly, Zara Home takes in mind our day to day issues and necessities, helping us adapting easily in the new times while having a dreamy home. In that note, here are 10 Dreamy Zara Home items we love in October:

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1. The autumn themes metal tray

With any of these gorgeous golden metal trays I can say hello fall in any home. They are vintage looking, season perfect and they can bring a touch of elegance to any corner you style them in.

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2. Recycled glass kitchen set

Isn’t this Eco-friendly kitchen set a true beauty? It can match any kitchen style and its perfect to organize any kitchen corner for the perfect space to try out new recipes.

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3. The Irregular Jessica Hans Vase

This beautiful terracotta vase is made by hand and we appreciate even more its dreamy value. Also, its shape is super cool, trendy and its print matches the autumn season perfectly.

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4. Embroidered wool rug

This embroidered rug is pure joy and it’s ethno twist will make it perfect for a boho and relaxed home. Moreover, it will definitely add some color in a neutral room.

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5. Metal tray with gold rim

This beauty will bring a gold touch in your dreamy home making the act of serving your guests with coffee or beverages a gorgeous act filled with class.

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6. Grey glass set

The color palette of this glasses instantly takes you in the cold season with more class, elegance and a dramatic touch that you can imagine. They are great party starters so plan a dreamy home dinner.

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7. Mirror with wooden base Zara Home

These retro inspired mirrors are super popular this season catching your attention immediately. Add it your bathroom or bedroom space and enjoy its beauty.

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8. The big Jessica Hans Vase

This is definitely a statement piece that will capture the attention in any corner of your room. You can even add in on a big dining table or a dreamy side table or bench and decorate it with your favorite fall flowers.

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9. The lined notebook

Sitting home more often will make you think more about your life and plan more or just write your thoughts. You will need the proper fairy tale and vintage looking journal that will give you the reason to start writing.

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10. Classy paint brushes

Speaking of hobbies why not try something new? We are talking about painting, a relaxing hobby that will challenge your creative spirit and I think everyone has it. For that you will need the perfect brushes that will show if you have talent or not.

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