Is It Worth Leaving The Concrete Floor In The Apartment

Having completed the construction of the walls, we start the internal works. It is important to give the premises a residential appearance, finish the walls, as well as think about the construction of the concrete floor. To reduce the cost of building a concrete base, pouring is performed on the ground using a mixture of gravel and cement. For reinforcement use a grid, which achieves high strength of the concrete floor. The strength and durability of concrete floors are superior to wooden ones. The concrete floor is poured with your own hands in a private house in several stages. Let’s dwell on the peculiarities of technology.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of concrete floors.

Having made up your mind about the material to be used for the flooring, and having decided to make durable floors in a private house, consult Southside Concrete Polishing and analyze the feedback about the peculiarities of concrete screed after pouring. It is important to carefully analyze the advantages of the concrete floor base, and critically assess the weaknesses of the reinforced concrete floor.

Concrete floors are superior to wooden floors in strength and durability

Let’s start with the positive aspects. The concrete floor in a private house has several serious advantages:

  • an increased margin of safety. The floor in the house of concrete is not destroyed under the influence of the load acting from the weight of furniture, interior items, people and equipment. Properly laid concrete floor does not crack when used;
  • long service life. Compliance with the technology of forming a floor base of concrete guarantees the durability of the structure. It is important to properly prepare the concrete mix, guided by a proven recipe, and use proven raw materials;
  • After ensuring the flatness of the poured floor and hardening of concrete, it is easy to lay on the surface of modern decorative coverings – roll-up linoleum, tiles, wooden parquet and decorative laminate;
  • resistance to microbiological factors. Reinforced concrete is an unfavorable environment for microbial growth. Inside the reinforced concrete monolith and on its surface are not formed colonies of fungus and mold.

Among other pros:

  • material eco-friendliness. Components used for the preparation of concrete mortar, do not affect human health and do not harm the environment;
  • fire resistance. Concrete is characterized by high fire safety, and for a long time retains its structure and properties, exposed to high temperatures and open fire;
  • Does not crack when using properly installed concrete flooring
  • resistance to chemicals and aggressive environments. In contact with chemicals, acid solutions and alkaline formulations, the concrete base is not subject to destruction;
  • practicality and maintainability. The floor base made of unpretentious concrete is easy to sanitize, and if necessary, the floor can be easily repaired in the damaged area;
  • increased resistance to moisture. The material has reduced hygroscopic properties. Due to the absence of pores in the concrete massif, it is difficult to capillary saturation of the material with ground moisture.

Concrete floor base always remains dry, despite the rainy weather. Concrete retains its properties throughout the entire period of operation, and the surface remains flat. For the construction of a floor made of concrete there is no need to use outsiders. It is not difficult to perform all the work yourself.

Despite the serious set of advantages, the floor of concrete has some disadvantages:

  • high thermal conductivity. To reduce heat loss, should, during installation of the floor, lay a layer of insulation, using as a heat insulator granules or sheet materials. To ensure a comfortable living environment and maintain a favorable microclimate is equipped with warm floors;
  • increased expenditures for the construction of concrete floors. High estimated cost is associated with the need to purchase or prepare an increased volume of concrete mix, as well as the purchase of mesh for reinforcement.
  • You need to build warm floors to ensure comfortable living conditions.

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