How do you know if your dream home can become a reality?

Many people have a dream home but living in it is a reality that few get to experience. While owning your perfect abode is something that might remain fantasy, you should at least see if it’s possible. Why? Because it might just be achievable after all.

We’ve given you three steps to help find out if the home of your dreams can be your residence of reality. Read them to find out what the future holds for you.

Step 1: decide what your dream home is

If you’re going to make your dream home a reality then you need to have a clear picture of what it looks like. Some people have sketched out their dream home since they were children. However, many have the idea of having a dream home but don’t know how it looks.

To decide what your perfect abode is, you need to consider what’s most important to you. Do you want bustling city life or a quiet, country retreat? Do you envision a modern apartment or a historic chateau?

You need to pose these questions (and more) to yourself and keep asking until you know exactly what your dream home is.

Step 2: find out what your budget is

Nothing brings a dream back down to earth faster than a lack of money. We could all own our dream property if we had all the money in the world to buy it. Sadly, most people do have a financial ceiling and it determines the ceiling that they rest their heads under.

Savings are great. A good job is excellent. An exemplary credit is ideal. But the likelihood is that you’ll need help to afford your dream home – dreams don’t come cheap – and that it’ll come from a lender.  This means it’s a good idea to learn if you have a mortgage pre approval, as it tells you what your financial ceiling is and if you’re in a place where you can buy the property you want. So, find out if you can get a pre approved mortgage and then you’ll know how close your dream is to becoming a reality.

Step 3: see if your dream home exists

You know what your dream home looks like. You know how much money you have to put towards it. The final step is seeing if it actually exists. The simple way of doing this is to head over to a real estate agent, as realtors are where you’re going to find properties listed and see if what you want is out there.

Now, you might say that you should be checking if your dream home exists before establishing your budget. And there’s sense in this. However, what happens if your ideal abode isn’t out there? You might become disheartened and go back to the drawing board. But if you know what your budget is then you can simply shift tactics and build your own home. UK series Grand Designs has shown that buying a dream home isn’t just about finding something that’s already there. It’s about making it a reality regardless of whether it exists.

So, if you find that you can’t simply buy your perfect abode then find the right plot of land and then get in touch with an architect and construction team that can make your dream be seen.


Having a dream home can be a reality. You just need to know what you want, what you can afford, and what you need to make it happen.  So, do all these things and then put the wheels in motion to buy your perfect abode.

Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

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