5 Dreamy fall decorating ideas with real branches

This fall get more creative in your home and decorate the space with real tree branches. Pick them from the street or just pick up some leaves and just put your imagination in place. To help you out, here are 5 dreamy fall decorating ideas with real branches:

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1. Mix them with pampas elements

Since pampas elements are still a top item when it comes to a chic home, this season mix the dreamy tree branches with pampas elements. To make everything more chic, add this arrangement in a minimal vase and place it next to a round mirror.

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2. Add them in vases and baskets

Time to make dreamy arrangements that will prove you can easily be a florist. So, choose your favorite fall branches and add the in vases or bottles. This season, creative and recycled bottles are more cool than any vase you can think of. Also, you can mix and match them with flowers that are perfect for the cold season. Another thing you can use for branch arrangements are woven baskets, they are super trendy right now and look just dreamy. Also, they care store a lot of beautiful fall branches.

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3. Place them next to a frame in a relaxing nook

I absolutely adore this cozy idea featuring tree branches. All you need is a cool frame where you can add them and, then, just make a fall themed corner around them. Make the corner super cozy and painted in fall colors with gorgeous Earthy colored pillows cushion and blankets.

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4. Add them on a chimney or shelf

Because fall dictates the cold season, that magical time we like to sit next to the chimney and just relax, it’s time to make a themed fall arrangement on it. So, match tree branches with dreamy pampas details, elegant candles, round mirrors with a wooden frame and other cool farmhouse deco elements to create a dreamy autumn setup. If you don’t have a chimney just add this arrangement on a floating shelf.

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5. Make a table arrangement with them

Last, but not least, fall is a great opportunity to plan a themed dinner party. Choose a dramatic and elegant setup with retro elements and elegant long candles in vintage candlesticks and make everything dreamy and just perfect for autumn by decorating the whole table with autumn tree branches.

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