10 New Zara Home items you will adore this fall

Looking like part of the nature, classy, versatile and simply dreamy, the Zara Home products can easily give personality to any space. So we’re constantly checking their newest collections to see what’s trending now. Therefore, check out 10 new Zara Home items you will adore this fall:

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1. Faux fur blanket

Is the season to get cozy, but also pretty fancy so choose a faux fur blanket to warm you up while you’re sitting in the couch watching your favorite TV shows. Moreover, choose one in dreamy retro shade such as olive.

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2. Irregular stone tableware

Irregular tableware that looks like its handmade is trending right now showing that imperfection is always good. So, this new Zara Home tableware pieces are gonna look just dreamy in your kitchen space.

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3. Linen duvet cover

This season choose elegant duvet covers in a fall shades. Make them the star of your bedroom and match them with neutral deco elements and nature inspired items.

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4. Acacia wood ladder

A cool wood ladder is always a good idea for storage, making it look super creative. So, use this chic ladder to store blankets, towels or even your favorite magazines.

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5. The aperitif set

Choose pottery inspired dishes for your new kitchen, This trend that brings back the traditional values shines on and we love this cool aperitif pieces from Zara Home.

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6. Wool Blanket

Pink is always a new idea so for the new season choose something new for your home, like a chic pink blanket. Match it with calm elements and neutral shades and enjoy a cozy day home.

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7. Ash wood chair with rattan seat

The nature inspired chairs made from wood or rattan are super cool right now so choose a timeless chair like this one for your dreamy living room or kitchen space.

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8. Paisley blanket

Give personality to your living room or balcony with a gorgeous paisley blanket. Make it the star of any space by pairing it with neutral furniture and deco elements.

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9. Glass plate with zebra print

Hello dreamy eighties even in home decor with this cool plate with a zebra print. It looks super chic next to neutral tableware and its also a good party starter for dinner parties.

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10. Side table with steps

Practical, dreamy and nature inspired, this table with steps will be super useful for your bathroom space or even wardrobe. Mix it with relaxing deco elements like scented candles or sticks and your favorite bathroom products.

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