10 Ingenious IKEA corners that will inspire you this fall

Let’s look once again really closely to the new IKEA catalogue. This time lets focus on different creative and ingenious corners that will show us amazing styling tricks for our dreamy home. So, check out 10 Ingenious IKEA corners that will inspire you this fall:

1. Mix & Match

Every practical corner of your home should also have a visual role, showing beauty. That’s why this year and season we have to mix and match a practical way of organizing things with a way of showcasing the prettiest items in our home. So, on a simple cabinet or one with a glass window add the small elements you don’t want to see or use too often and that tend to get unorganized fast. Above it, choose dreamy pieces to display that also have a practical function like a dreamy vase or a candle.

2. Color coordination

Color coordinating any corner of your home will help you see everything more organized and in a logical order. So, here is a dreamy idea for your bedroom dressing space. Add wall fixtures and instead of doors, choose an elegant velvet curtain. It will add drama and personality to this space so make sure you match it with different elements of this room.

3. The headboard/bookcase

Do you have a tiny bedroom? Then, you should think of multiple uses of your bedroom furniture. For example, you can transform an ottoman into a tiny table or use your bed headboard also as a practical and useful bookcase.

4. Above the desk storage

If you dedicate a lot of your time on your work and hobbies and love to gather a lot of art and deco elements, we recommend you to try above the desk storage. Mix neutrals with bold colors and green plants with woven deco elements and different printed pieces. You will love the dreamy result!

5. Calm day

Make a small desk space in the corner of your living room or bedroom and use tiny floating shelves instead of drawers or bookcases for storage. Decorate the space with neutral elements, green plants in pottery vases and calm looking deco elements.

6. All is pretty

All is pretty when you actually get to see your collections or the deco elements you treasure in your home. So, from upper storage using floating shelves to dreamy glass cabinets add your items where you can see them and keep everything well organized and color coordinated.

7. A stylish bathroom

Even a tiny bathroom can become super stylish. Choose tiny cabinets to hide everything you don’t want to see and make a round woven mirror and a stylish vase or plant the starts of this small space.

8. Relaxing moments

Every corner you style with nature inspired and relaxing looking elements will instantly bring a calm vibe into your home. And we love this wooden stool and the useful bowl where you can store different tiny elements.

9. Dividing a space

A studio apartment can be easily divided with a dreamy white curtain and also a clothes rack that’s also a practical solution for your home. This way you will get your bedroom and living room all separeted and dreamy.

10. Nature inspiration

This calm corner is perfect for your bedroom and it’s also great next to your bed, a place that always has to be calm. So, choose a woven lamp and a wooden nightstand and decorate it with calm elements, that are essential.

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