IKEA 2021 Catalog preview

The New Year is close and one of the things that hints the beginning of it and lets us know about a couple of interior design trends for 2021 is definitely IKEA’s new catalog. Impatiently waiting for the new catalog launch on 6 August we take you through some of the home decor inspirations that are going to be featured in the catalog, so check out new trends and ideas:

As you all know IKEA is all about practical spirit,  Scandinavian design with wow factor and, of course, this year, it’s all about sustainability. As a 2021 highlight we see mid century modern inspired pieces paired with nature inspired elements. Maximalism come through and shines its way with a lot of decor details, creative prints, pops of color and a home full of personality where everything seems to go well together.

Bold and daring colors that show mystery are some of the starts of the catalog while the classic neutrals are reinterpreted in a modern way. Elegance pays an important role and from well styled bar carts, to curtains and stylish decorated bookcases, many rooms have that sophisticated twist.

As usual nature pays a very important role in each of IKEA’s dreamy designs. From tiny to oversized, plants find their way into any spot and tiny home trees become the stars of main spaces such as the living room. Also, rattan and other woven materials remain popular giving a calm and relaxed vibe into any space they are added.

Details make the different in any IKEA space and the new catalog features glam decor elements inspired by the stylish Seventies. Golden details, round mirrors, pink accents, geometrical prints and rooms in elegant shades make you wall in love with the new trends.

Fall is soon to come and that’s why some of the main trends shown in the catalog have a fall twist to them. Earthy tones and beautiful shades that remind you of autumn leaves are paired with chic neutrals; autumn inspired fabrics such as velvet and cord look amazing and are perfect for the new season and gorgeous red plants or wooden furniture complete any dreamy interior designed by IKEA.


What do you think, what’s your favorite trend and inspiration?

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