8 Amazing spaces that can be formed around a bohemian rug

A rug often is one of the final elements that unites a space, often a space is not truly complete without the perfect rug. But, it can also work the other way around if you love rugs or have a really good one you can complete a room around it. Check out 8 amazing spaces that can be formed around a bohemian rug:

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1. The color coordinated kitchen

When you have a vertical bohemian or ethnic rug that’s perfect for a kitchen. A bohemian rug often has a lot of colors and shades, so make sure you match one of the shades with the cabinets you choose. Also, give a dreamy bohemian vibe to the whole kitchen with green plants, fruits added in bowls and fresh flowers.

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2. Neutral shades

The neutral bohemian rug is a real joy in the eye of the beholder and if you want to keep it the star of a room match it with neutrals, classy greens and add some contrast points. A black coffee table, an elegant brown sofa and green plants or green covers will make this dreamy boho rug really stand out.

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3. The black and white bedroom

Besides the living room, the black and white bohemian rug is a bedroom’s favorite. It’s versatile and just perfect for any bedroom style – from a Scandinavian one, to a modern one. Match it also with green plants and nature inspired elements and enjoy its cozy and chic look.

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4. Modern vs traditional

This traditional ethnic rug is a timeless piece and a lot of people adore it! If you also own or want one, make sure you match it with modern elements. This way you will create a stylish contrast and your home will look super cool!

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5. Printed details

Prints and other prints go well together. So, a bohemian rug with an abstract or Aztec print will look amazing matched with the same style print chosen for pillows, cushions, covers or framed pictures. Also, a romantic and bohemian rug will look gorgeous with all kinds of artistic prints so mix & match and get creative.

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6. The fun element

A colorful bohemian rug – with fun prints or just color spots is the ideal element for a dull or simple room. Or if you already have one and you want to make it really shine match it with neutral furniture, artsy pictures and cool decor elements.

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7. Relaxing corner

Make a dreamy and relaxing nook around a bohemian rug. Choose a pastel or neutral one with a fun print. Add matching pillows, make a gorgeous canopy and surround everything with oversized green plants to give it a nature theme. As for the furniture, choose a woody and nature inspired coffee table.

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8. Balcony look

A gorgeous bohemian rug can dictate the style of a room. Choose one that is wide enough for all your balcony and decorate it with nature inspired furniture. Also, make the space stylish and magical with cool paintings, oversized green plants, a reed fence and magic lights.

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