5 easy home improvement ideas for a fresh new look

Staying so much indoors this year can have a toll on pretty much everything, especially if you are not lucky enough to have a house with a terrace or maybe a big apartment with a generous balcony you can relax in. There’s usually a big surge in home improvement projects in summer, but now the demand is higher. Besides the rising amount of time we are spending at home, we also have more free time to oversee all the new decor projects. I know I did a sturdy kitchen organisation a couple of weeks ago.

So, to help you better manage your home improvement projects,  here are 4 easy home improvement ideas to give your living space a fresh new look. Keep in mind that many of the you do know may increase your home’s value on the long term.

Paint your rooms

The easiest way for a new look is of course, painting it. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional to do the job, the effect on your home will be great. Depending on the room you want to repaint, you can pick different types of paints. Matte emulsion for sleek look, silk emulsion for a silk sheen, oil- gloss for a higher sheen or water – based glosses for the highest sheen. You can also go for a colorful wall to bring a little bit of spark to your room.

Redo your bathroom 

Many people dread redoing their bathroom as it’s a bit of a process, but again, now we have more time on our hands. In addition, a bathroom remodel can increase the value of your home greatly. You may think that redoing your bathroom isn’t that cost effective, but according to HomeHow the cost for bathrooms such as modern or traditional bathrooms vary greatly. So, you can pick the right style and budget that fits your needs.

Update your garden or balcony

Again, if you are lucky enough to have a garden this is the best time for a couple of updates. You can go for garden edging to give your garden a little extra touch of cheer. Don’t have a garden? No problem! Get cute pots and plant new flowers or even spices and make yourself a little garden on the balcony, that can be easily transferred inside in the cold season.

Improve your storage space

I can’t get enough of storage space and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. This is the right time to improve your storage space without much of a hassle. You can go for new kitchen cabinets or a new wardrobe, or even install new shelves to showcase your books & art.

Deep clean your floors

Hardwood, carpet or vinyl, do a deep clean of your floors and you’ll see how this will change the entire mood of your home. I have white parquet and let me tell you a see a big difference after a sturdy cleaning session.

What home improvement projects are you planning on doing?

Cover photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

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