Outdoor Living Space: Design Tips

If you are soon to be moving into your new build, or you simply want to revamp your outdoor living space, there are many aspects to consider regarding outdoor design, looking for the ideal balance between functionality and aesthetics. We Australians really do love our gardens, and if you are looking for some inspiration for your outdoor living space, here are a few great design tips to consider.

  • Think Longevity – When looking at outdoor furniture and equipment, always remember that the items will have to endure the harsh Australian climate, and while seat cushions can always be removed when bad weather arrives, your tables and seating will be exposed. Seasoned timber, aluminium or even steel can be considered when looking at garden furniture, and always keep quality at the forefront when selecting outdoor furniture.
  • Egg Chairs & Hammocks – There are a few advantages with egg chairs, not only are they very comfortable, if you hang them, you have so much more floor space, and that does make all the difference, especially where space is limited. If you are looking for a rustic look, egg chairs come in rattan that is protected with a special coating, making it very durable.
  • Dining Suite – Of course, you will delegate a portion of the terrace for dining and if you search online for outdoor dining furniture, you will find some great dining furniture, from the traditional dining bench to the Belize rattan suite and lots in between. If the suite has cushions, make sure the covers are removeable and washable – essential if you want the suite to always looks its best – and you are advised to go with a brand name when looking at outdoor furniture.
  • Consider Maintenance – Materials like solid timber require regular maintenance, and with composites that have a timber-grain finish, you can have the look and feel of real timber without the upkeep. Timber decking, for example, is very attractive and if you have the decking installed by a professional, the timber would be seasoned and treated, making it very durable.
  • Shade – We all spend a lot of our free time on our deck and if you really do want the best, have a customised fully retractable roof installed, with motorised operation. Yes, it will be costly, but a retractable roof is considered a feature of the property, which boosts the value. Without shading, your terrace will not be comfortable and a retractable roof gives you complete control over shading, and will do for many years.
  • Lighting – Outdoor lighting is critical to achieve the right ambience, and LED solutions offer you so much in terms of colour, hue and design. Floor lighting really does add another dimension, and with LED strips that can be fixed under window frames, run along fencing and even draped in trees for that magical Disney look.

If you are lacking in inspiration, a Google image search will certainly offer up some ideas and with a little creativity, you can design the ideal outdoor area for you and your family.

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

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