How To Personalize Your Home Office With DIY

Since the start of the COVID-19 virus, many people have been working from home for the first time. For some, this is not going to be temporary. On the contrary, many businesses are realizing that they can cut costs by allowing staff to work from home. Furthermore, people who lost their jobs due to the crisis have found ways to make money through their own online businesses.

The thing is, most of us did not have a home office ready at the start of the crisis. If you are lucky enough to have a small space or room for it, it is probably pretty bare and utilitarian. The good news is that there are ways to personalize your home office without spending too much money.

Even if you have not done a lot of DIY projects, you can pick up on the skills quite easily. Try one or more of the following ideas to personalize your home office.

Storage space behind the door

Your home office is probably not that big, and every inch should be taken advantage of. One space that is often wasted is the space behind an inward opening door. You can’t put a cabinet there because it will prevent the door from opening properly. But that does not mean it’s unusable.

However, you can use your DIY skills to create a slim, minimalistic storage space. Use old fabrics to create a hanging stationery holder with pockets. Put up some small floating shelves to hold some books or other necessary items.

There are a lot more possibilities than you realize. Make the most of every inch of space you have in a small home office.

Creative plant holders

Houseplants can really make your desk a more interesting space. You get to engage with nature, taking care of a living thing. Succulents are my personal favorite, as you get so many different types that can fit into a small space. And you can use your creativity to take the aesthetics to another level.

Any old container can serve as a pot for a succulent. Upcycle things you would otherwise have thrown away by painting them or even letting them retain their used look. It couldn’t be easier to fill any holder with soil and a small cactus and it will make your desk that much more vibrant.

Build a laptop stand

Did you know that sitting is the new smoking? It’s not harmful in the same way, but it is something we have been doing for ages that is actually unhealthy. The human body is not made for sitting all day, but that is what most of us do when working.

A standing desk is useful, but an adjustable one is expensive. However, a laptop stand is a great alternative that lets you sit when you need to and stand when you can. You can use old wood to build your own personal laptop stand, adding a paint job or other features to make it your own.

Your laptop stand can give your office that extra personal appeal that helps you settle into the new normal.

Photo by Alexa Williams on Unsplash