Got Bugs In Your House? How to Deal With Common Pests

Did you know that 84% of homes have dealt with a pest problem in the last 12 months? If you are currently dealing with bugs in your house and are at your wit’s end because you can’t get rid of them, you are in the right place.

Keep reading for our top tips on how to deal with common pests inside your house.

Clean Your Home

All pests love to eat and leaving small snacks behind will quickly keep them coming back and setting up camp in your home. Make sure you keep up with your home cleaning especially the kitchen. Try to avoid eating inside any bedrooms in order to prevent crumbs from falling on the ground. There are also more ways on how to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

Keep all of your sugar, flour, and dry ingredients inside sealed bags and glass to keep the bugs out. Do not keep your trash inside your kitchen for many days, take the trash out often, and keep the garbage cans outside with tight lids to avoid overnight pest visitors coming near your home.

If you have any pets, pick up their food every night before going to bed instead of leaving it out overnight. Leaving pet food out is a recipe for pest disaster.

Instead of leaving dirty dishes around, clean up all of your plates and bowls right away. Any spills or crumbs from yourself or your kids, take the time to clean them instead of letting it sit around. If you have cardboard and newspaper laying around take it to the recycle bin because rodents and bugs like to use these materials to burrow in.

Fix Your Home

If you have any holes in your walls or doors, take the time to repair all of those holes as soon as possible. Even the tiniest rip or hole is an invitation for pests to come inside your home and invite their pest friend’s over.

If you have not caulked your home in a while, it might be time to pull out the caulking gun and seal up everything around your windows, baseboards, and pipes. If you have any mulch piles or firewood near your home move everything at least 30 feet away from the house.

Identifying Common Pests

Learning more about the most common pests will make it easier to get rid of them for good. Once you identify the type of pest you are dealing with you can either take the DIY route to get rid of the pests or contact a reputable professional like


If your home is made out of wood, termites might be making your home their home. These tiny pests can enter through the smallest of gaps. Even if your home has a little bit of wood in the walls or in the framing, termites can still settle in and live there.

They tend to target window frames, shelves, cabinets, and wooden doors. If you do not catch termites early on you might have to contact a professional to put a tent over your home to completely eliminate any termite colonies under your roof.

Many times termites go unnoticed until they create enough damage to the point that you notice them. You want to use a small knife to poke into any areas that are decayed or that look rotten. If you are able to easily penetrate the wood it might have been damaged by termites.

Examine your foundation outside and inside for any mud tunnels. These will look like brown streaks.


Although many ant species are helpful because they eat other harmful insects like bedbugs and fleas they are not fun to live with. When ants start to invade your home it is because they are looking for food. Crumbs are the perfect way to an ants heart.

Most homeowners have dealt with an ant infestation at one time or another and they can be tricky to get rid of. Keeping your home super clean will help prevent them from infesting your home in the first place.

You can try a few different methods to get rid of any ant invasions. One option is to use a commercial boric acid bait and place it near their nest. Slowly some of the ants will carry this bait back to the nest, slowly killing off the colony.

You can also opt for non-toxic solutions such as peppermint or garlic. If nothing works you can contact the pros and let them take care of your ant invasion.


Wasps can become very aggressive if they are bothered so you have to be careful. You can attempt to kill wasps while they are in the air by spraying them with wasp spray. Avoid spraying them down with a water hose because it will make them very aggressive.

The safest way to deal with wasps is to call an exterminator or wait for the queen to leave and the working wasps to die. Then you can get rid of the nests safely.

Ready to Deal With the Bugs in Your House?

Now that we shared our tips on how to keep bugs in your house out and how to identify the most common pests, you can start tackling your bug problem ASAP. No one likes dealing with unwanted guests in our home especially creepy crawlers but the sooner you take care of your problem the better it will be for your house.

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