5 Reasons why we love the dreamy colorful terrazzo

Colorful terrazzo is a material that definitely shines this season. We hope it will have a long lasting reign, because is so stylish and dreamy to look at. It’s also perfect for any kind of space from a kitchen to a bathroom, so check out 5 reasons why we love the dreamy colorful terrazzo:

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1. It’s unique and captures your attention instantly

If you want something that will make an impact in a space, then colorful terrazzo is your answer. From a terrazzo sink to a coffee table, these decor elements or pieces of design will make a neutral and simple space really stand out!

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2. It’s super trendy and luxurious!

If you love luxury and you want that vibe in your home then choose terrazzo. It’s so trendy that is actually scream style and mixed with a modern design, retro and stylish mirrors and lamps or golden elements it will look at its best – all luxurious!

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3. It’s bring a pop of color in a space

Each space needs a color, but if you are definitely into neutrals, then choose colors that seem super natural, like the nature inspired colors of terrazzo. They will blend in perfectly with any glam, minimal or Scandinavian space and they will make neutral furniture really stand out.

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4. It has that nature vibe twist to it

Terrazzo is a nature inspired element, that’s why is perfect for this season where these kinds of materials are super popular. Match it with wood, rattan or raffia, the other cool elements of this season and you will have a calm and relaxed mix for your home.

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5. It’s versatile and easy to mix and match!

Don’t be afraid of this material, terrazzo is actually pretty easy to mix & Match! Colorful walls or white ones, retro furniture or new modern ones, living rooms or bathrooms, anything is ok for this kind of material, that will bring nothing but glam into your life.

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