5 Glam rules to follow for a dreamy small bedroom

Make your small bedroom extra glam, because any kind of space can shine in this classy and gorgeous style that’s trending in different ways this season. The new glam is artsy, nature inspired and still really fancy, so check out 5 glam rules to follow for a dreamy small bedroom:

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1. Choose a beautiful rug

Transform your dreamy small bedroom into a boutique lookalike room with a chic or glam rug. This piece of decor will give personality to the room and will also have a cohesive part, making everything go well together. Add it next to your glam bed, on the vanity corner of your room or next to a big mirror or small dressing corner.

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2. Add a statement mirror

Mirrors make any space look even bigger, giving the illusion of extra room, so pick a statement mirror for your dreamy small bedroom. You can pick a golden rococo inspired one, a mid century themed mirror or a retro one, these styles work wonders in a small and glam bedroom.

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3. Choose a small vanity 

Every bedroom should have a small corner for beauty, pampering and relaxing or a small office to work in. If you wish for a beauty corner choose a glam small vanity and if you want to work a small office space with a classy chair is the perfect solution for you.

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4. Match with a chic ottoman for extra sitting

If you choose a vanity match it with a glam velvet or golden ottoman and use this item also for extra sitting or as an extra table. This storage solution is dreamy and glam and can be hidden anywhere – under a small nightstand, desk or vanity. Easy, practical and glam!

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5. Add decorative pillows

Pillows shape a bed giving it personality and making the whole room look more chic. They also make a statement, emphasising on the style you choose for the room. Also, pillow cushions can be changed often, transforming the whole room from a glam winter fantasy to an exotic and stylish space. And don’t forget about royalty bedding sets.

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