Why you can still plan to re-design this year

If your plans for re-designing your home have been put on hold due to the pandemic worry not! You can still prepare, design and plan any renovations in your home so you’re ready to go when work is permitted again. With so many resources available online, as well as a number of businesses coming up with innovative ways to help, you’ll be planning your designs and booking in tradespeople before you know it!

Virtual tours and design visits are revolutionising the industry

With kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other businesses all unable to come and do home visits, many have developed whole new systems to allow you to still plan your dream space, all from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t let the lockdown or restrictions stop you from planning your re-design. After all, as many of us are spending much more time in our homes than usual, there’s no wonder we’re all wanting to give our rooms a new lease of life! If you’re yearning for a complete makeover for the heart of your home, Hammonds are the go-to for all things fitted. They’re even offering virtual design visits to make the planning and design process for your new kitchen, as easy and as safe as possible.

What about booking in tradespeople?

It’s important to adhere by the government advice and guidelines when it comes to work in your house. Although many tradespeople are currently unable to operate in your home, especially if you are living there, there may be other things they are able to help you with.

Alternatively, if you’d rather wait, why not explain what you’d like doing, get a quote and then book for a time in the future as to when they can come in. We all know that these dates keep changing, but by booking in now, you’re at least getting ahead of the curve.

Try your hand at DIY

Obviously where DIY is concerned, please be careful and remember not to undertake any work that could be dangerous, such as electrics. However, if you are quite handy, now is a great time to build onto your existing skill set! With many of the DIY stores now re-opening, why not head off and grab those tins of paint or shelves you’ve been meaning to pop up for weeks!

Most DIY stores also boast small garden centres too. So not only could you bring some colour back to your garden, you could also bring some greenery into your living and kitchen spaces.

There are so many ways you can plan your re-design this year. Whether it’s doing odd jobs around the house you’ve been meaning to do, creating multiple mood boards on Pinterest, or booking a virtual design visit for your kitchen, bedroom and even bathroom, don’t let the pandemic stop you achieving your dream home.

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