7 Small balconies that will inspire you in making a darling summer home

Even a small balcony can become dreamy, all you have to do is get creative, cozy, bring magic and a bit of nature in your tiny balcony or terrace. To help you out here are 7 small balconies that will inspire you in making a darling summer home:

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1. Snuggle time

A small balcony is the perfect excuse for a cozy space. So, take advantage of all the space and pick palletes or benches as wide as your balcony is. Decorate them with comfy pillows and make everything cozy with pillows and covers. Don’t forget to add gorgeous flowers, green plants and magic lights.

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2. Cozy magic

Make a small balcony dreamy by adding darling white palletes. Make them look like a stylish bed and covers them in blankets, pillows and pillow cushions in Earthy and neutral shades. Add also other calm and neutral deco elements around the space like reed and woven lamps.

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3. Neutral times

A neutral and calm balcony can become even more gorgeous with cool industrial inspired lamps. Also, set up an elegant mood in this tiny and dreamy space by recycling wine bottles and filling them up with gorgeous long candles.

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4. Boho chic love

A tiny balcony will become more lovely with a boho inspired setup. Start with dreamy lights and decorate your ceiling with them. And speaking of the ceiling, hanging green plants are just perfect for this space. Also, add woven furniture and deco elements and choose dreamy white furry covers for this chic balcony style.

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5. Safari vibes

Imagine your in a safari trip and choose the kind of stylish chairs you will consider in taking when camping outside. Also, decorate this darling space with lights and tropical green nights. Then, all is left to do is collect memories in this dreamy space.

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6. Nature is all around us

It doesn’t matter how tiny is a balcony, there is always room for a lot of plants! So, make your own home garden in your balcony by adding green plants in all sizes. Also, decorate your walls with big lights and choose a neutral and Earthy color palette for this space.

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7. Pink nights

Pink is lovely everywhere, also in your balcony! It makes this space looking super romantic so pick pink chairs, flowers and deco elements for your lovely balcony. Match them with gold and green and you will have a glam and intimate space where romance can start!

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