5 incredibly creative ways to repurpose bikes

Among the memories we’ll always remember from our childhood, the one learning how to ride a bike is one of the most dear to our hearts. That moment when you have the courage to trust yourself – with no help from extra wheels or from your parents- that is simply powerful and represents an inspiration to us as grown-ups too, for we may always remember to have a little faith. When decorating the house, we can take an old bike and repurpose it, as a symbol of that moment of faith.

So, here are 5 incredibly creative ways to repurpose bikes:


1.Bathroom counter

From a simple bathroom to an original one in a few steps. You can transform an old bike into a bathroom counter and use the basket as a tower storage space. Simply amazing!


2. Upside down

This upside down reclaimed bicycle represents a beautiful take on the Urban style and not only it looks cool, it’s also practical serving as a clothes stand hanger. Your place will instanty gain a sense of energy and adventure with a piece like this!


3. Piece of art

The bike can become a decoration piece in the room among other pieces of art like paintings. You can suspend it on the brick wall by a wooden shelf and the result will be out of the ordinary!


4.Console table

This black metal and wood console table will bring an Industrial style vibe into your entryway. It can offer a home to your plants, accessories or lamps, but either way it’s gonna be an authentic choice!


5. Bike basket

Inspired by lazy summer days spent outside, this bike design is represented by half of a wheel, handlebars and a rustic basket. The blue and white finish brings a touch of antique elegange and it can be used as a creative way to display your plants. Simply wonderful!


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