6 Dreamy ideas to organize your home office space for a productive day

Staying home more often makes us wish to get more work done, reinvent ourselves and learn something new. But, as we do all things, we have to do it in a dreamy, beautiful and practical way. To help you out, we gathered Six Dreamy ideas to organize your home office space for a productive day:

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1. Pick a comfy chair

Working is first of all about comfort. If we’re not comfortable in the office space we can’t work properly. So, before thinking about the design, pick a chair that’s also very comfortable and easy to sit on for hours. A perfect and comfy environment will help you get more work done and concentrate better. So, if you don’t want a classic office chair and you want one with a dreamy design go for one with a fabric, especially a soft one like leather or velvet.

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2. Make everything around you super lovely

Having a pretty and inspirational space will help you get creative, original and will also motivate you to start a working day. Because it’s spring, choose your favorite fresh flowers and add them in a vase, or, you can also pick green leaves or plants for this lovely space. Moreover, choose a vintage inspired lamp and surround your office with your favorite paintings or framed pictures.

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3. Organize, organize, organize

After picking all the pretty and essential items and elements for your home office is time or make order. Therefore, organize them according to category, size and use a lot of organizational boxes, trays, jars or bowls for the small elements. Having order in your working space will help you keep calm and not have any distractions while working.

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4. Make a task list

An organized work day at home can be fitted in a perfect timeline with the help of a ”To do” or task list. This way you can make sure you will be productive while working at home. So, pick a chalkboard or a cork board and write down or pin a to do list for today. Make sure you do that every day, and try to organize your tasks in a logical order – From ideas to actual writing or execution. Mark you program also with food breaks, home exercises, creative time or home walks.

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5. Set up a mood board

A mood board is perfect for any kind of job. It helps you come up with ideas for new projects and it also helps you get more creative by constantly provoking your imagination. So, gather different images that are related to your work and can inspire you, mix them with motivational quotes and set up your dreamy mood board on the wall or on a metallic or golden support.

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6. Pick an agenda for ideas

Because a dreamy office or a long working day comes with a lot of new ideas it’s time to write them down. A gorgeous notebook, agenda or planner will help you gather your thoughts around, organize them and, after that, use them in a very productive way for future projects.

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