The New Retro – 6 Chic ways to adapt new retro vibes and velvet elements into your home

The New Retro is the mix between retro and modern elements, making the dreamy retro elements stand out. Because the retro years inspire more and more the new home decor trends, check out six chic ways to adapt the new retro vibes and retro elements into your home:

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1. Velvet elements and nature inspired details

Start with a velvet sofa and mix it with velvet pillows in lighter colors. Make the whole space more modern with nature inspired elements like oversized tree branches in minimal vases and different deco elements made of stone and emphasize on the retro vibe with a vintage inspired coffee table decorated with chic elements.

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2. Add a pop of color with a velvet pillow

Velvet pillows will instantly give a retro vibe to any kind of interior especially a Scandinavian or minimal one. So, in a neutral room add one ore more velvet pillows on top of your bed or sofa and choose dreamy retro colors. As for the pillows shapes, go for the new cool rectangular and long ones or the new chic round ones.

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3. Retro cabinets and modern art

We are getting more inspired every day by the new art and we want to also see our top favorites in our home and make it more creative. So, the coolest thing in home decor you can choose right now is mixing a retro inspired cabinet with colorful and modern art, hard cover books and albums and nature inspired deco elements.

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4. Modern art and retro sculptures

Usually seen in museums or on the street, black and white sculptures are a new must-have for your home. From tiny ones to oversized sculptures they make any interior artsy and sophisticated and they look as new along with cool black and white pictures and abstract art.

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5. Bold color accents

If you love colors you will love the bold colors from the dreamy retro years styled with elegant retro chairs. Also, make this space more modern and interesting with nature inspired elements like tiny tables made of wood and geometrical patterns added on the walls or choosen for different deco elements and fabrics.

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6. Modern art and retro chairs

Another cool way to mix modern and retro keeping up with the new trends is investing in fabulous retro chairs inspired by the seventies. Their timeless design will always make you adore them and mixed with modern art in neutral shades and minimal furniture, they will always look contemporary.

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