How to Conquer Your Spring Clean Chores: 2020 Guide

Spring is approaching which means it’s time for the annual spring clean. With the scent of renewal in the air it’s the perfect time to clear out the old, deep clean your home, and prepare your whole family for a great summer ahead.

By starting small and getting everyone in your family on board with the clean you can get through your tasks room by room.

A great home is one that is well maintained and is full of only the items you use and love. It is bright, it is clean, and it is beautiful. It takes hard work, but by following this guide you’ll get your home ready for summer before you know it.

1.   Start by Decluttering

The first thing you will want to tackle when spring cleaning is decluttering. There is no reason to clean and dust items you don’t care about. It doesn’t matter if your sister gave you that item six years ago for a birthday present if you have hidden it away in your closet. Everyone has forgotten about it.

Be very clinical about decluttering, use the box technique, and generally try to sort through everything that you own. You’ll have a better idea of what you actually have, and be able to free up space in your home once and for all.

Tip: Try selling items, donating, or recycling them before you immediately throw them into the trash.

2.   Inspect and Repair Your Home’s Systems

While you declutter you will want to bring in professional maintenance services to inspect and repair the various systems in your home. From HVAC and AC maintenance and repair, to water heater maintenance, there are many areas of the home that are better left to professionals.

3.   Bring in a Professional for Upholstery Cleaning

You should have your upholstery cleaned every three to six months, but if you can only ever get around to it once a year when you spring clean that will do. Bring in professionals to steam clean your carpets, mattresses, and furniture so that it is cleaned from its deepest fibers. Cleaning like this prolongs the life of your items and the health of your family.

4.   Tackle Deep Clean Room by Room

Once the clutter is gone, systems are maintained, and upholstery deep cleaned it’s time to wipe down each room. Clean the walls, the ceiling, and all the solid surfaces with a cleaner and a damp cloth. You can also clean the windows and any missed nooks and crannies while you are at it.

5.   Make Note of all Small Repairs

When cleaning this meticulously you will likely come across small repairs that are needed through the home. Make note of them as you go so that you can tackle them all at once by type. If there are three light bulbs that need changing it’s better to do all three at once than to do them one at a time as you find them, after all.

6.   Prepare Your Front and Backyard for Spring

Finally it’s time to prep your garden for spring. Remove any burlap on your bushes, prune plants, plant seeds and flowers, and enjoy the fresh air of an upcoming spring.

Photo by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash

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