5 stunning ideas on how to decorate your entryway

Entryways are so important, since they’re the first thing you see in a house. And because it’s always the first impression that counts, you should really pay attention on how you decorate it in order to match your personality and the rest of your house. This way, people visiting can pick up the vibe immediately they enter the house and feel welcomed.

So, here are 5 stunning ideas on how to decorate your entryway:


1.Practical space

The entryway space also needs to be practical, because when you enter the house you need a place to store your shoes and hang your clothes. So, choose a low white shoe cabinet that will make the space look bigger and also serve as a decoration support, a black pipe hanger and complete it with a round mirror.


2. Delimit your entryway

If there is an open space, delimit the entryway with this amazing trick. Combine shelves and glass industrial wall and this will completely transform your entryway and will create a storage space for your shoes and clothes.


3. Black and white

Sometimes, simple is the way to go and it doesn’t get classier than the black and white combo. So, create contrast adding black elements such as a black table, a basket, a lamp, a mirror and a vase to an all white environment.


4. Repurpose an old desk

If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money redecorating the foyer space, give an old desk a new function -that of an entryway table. Place a matching painting or picture on the wall above and add a few decorative elements like books, a lamp and a vase with plants and voila, you have a revamped space.


5. Boho chic ideas

Rugs can completely change the vibe of a space and so is the case here, where it also delimits the space and give it a cute personality. The bench is limited by a plant and a lamp and the mirror enhances the space beautifully.


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