The Best Storage Options for Your Stuff

You might not think that you have to carefully consider choosing a storage unit. Think again — choosing the right storage unit for your stuff is essential, whatever you might be storing. From wine collections to classic cars, these are the storage tips you need to consider to keep your items stored properly, for short time or long time.

Size Matters: Storage Unit Size

The first step in choosing a storage unit is to determine the size. What will you be storing? Get started by making a checklist of what you plan to store in the unit. After you have compiled your list, determine whether or not you will be adding additional items into the unit over time. If you think that you will be adding to your unit in the future, it is best to opt for a unit that provides plenty of additional space.

Storage unit sizes range from the size of a walk-in closet to units large enough to fit a boat or vehicle. Additionally you will want to consider the sizes and weights of your items and how you intend to organize these items in the storage unit. Will you be able to stack boxed items or will these items be too heavy to stack? Determining the size of the unit and figuring out what you will be storing in the unit will get you the best value.

Hot & Cold: Climate-Controlled Storage Options

After you have determined the size of the unit that you will need, consider going climate controlled. In certain areas of the country, Texas for example, climate-controlled storage units are absolutely essential. They are great for specialty items like a wine collection, tech items, musical instruments, fine art, as well as family heirlooms and irreplaceable valuables like antiques. These types of units maintain a consistent interior temperature throughout the year and some climate-controlled storage units even offer enhanced humidity control which remove excess moisture from the air and keeps the base humidity at 55 percent. Additionally, climate controlled storage units offer a barrier from the elements like dust and debris, as they are located inside buildings with sealed and insulated roofs, floors and walls. So you can rest assured that your items will remain clean, undamaged and protected while in storage.

Beep, Beep: Units for Vehicle Storage

It’s not uncommon to keep a classic car or oversized RV at a storage unit. If you’re thinking about relocating a vehicle to a storage unit near you, there are a few things you should know first. In order for a vehicle, whether it’s a car or motorcycle, to be stored, you must show the registration or title. In addition to showing the title or registration, the vehicle must be in running condition or on a trailer. There are various storage options for vehicles to choose from, some of which include indoor storage spaces as well as outdoor parking spaces for vehicles of all sizes, including boats on trailers and large recreational vehicles that don’t fit in your driveway.

Getting organized is easy; sometimes it just takes a storage unit. Whether you need a climate-controlled unit or a parking space for a recreational vehicle, there’s a storage solution for you.

Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

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