Sagittarius zodiac sign – All about the colors this sign loves in home decor

This adventurous sign loves to travel and be in the nature or the outdoors so these elements will always reflect in its dreamy home. From a space full of travel memorabilia to a space that look like the outdoors, a Sagittarius home is never boring.

A Sagittarius loves a cozy and welcoming space where his friends can hang out so have in mind that when choosing the perfect colors for this signs home. Also, its style is a mix of vintage, traditional, practical and creative elements so they usually can end up with an eclectic space.

Therefore, here are five dreamy colors a Sagittarius loves in home decor:

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1. Plum

A Sagittarius loves some mystery in its life, so the elegant, fancy and mysterious plum is the perfect home decor colors for this sign. Paint a wall with it or just add it around your home by choosing different deco elements in this royal inspired color. It will look amazing next to gold and green plants, the nature elements a Sagittarius really loves.

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2. Lime green

The perfect combo – plum and lime – fit perfect in a Sagittarius home. The lime green shade is as fresh as energetic as this adventurous sign and it will fit great in this sign’s dreamy home.

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3. Green

A sign that loves nature so much will need at least some green accents in its lovely home. So from tiny to oversized plants or tiny trees to a green painted wall or green furniture, go green is you are this dynamic and spontaneous sign.

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4. Brown

Also thinking about nature and moreover being a pretty conservative sign, a Sagittarius will love brown in its gorgeous home. Pair green with brown and make that the star combo for your home. When you want a little bit more glam just add gold to this color combo and you will love the dreamy result.

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5. Dark blue

Bringing a touch of the sea, the ocean but also a shade that shows mystery and freedom, this color will be just amazing for a wall in a Sagittarius home or some velvet furniture or deco elements. Try it also in a power combo with green or brown.

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