7 Kitchen trends to try this autumn season

This fall try new kitchen trends and make this space the perfect hideout spot in the cold season where you can have dinner with friends or try new recipes. Here are seven kitchen trends to try this autumn season:

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1. A dark kitchen space

Kitchens are starting getting darker and that’s great for this season when we tend to hide more in our homes and find the perfect mysterious space. Make this space fancier with golden handles and also nature inspired using plants and adding fruit or vegetables all around this space.

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2. Golden handles

Golden handles can easily transform a kitchen making it easily fancy and elegant. Pair it with colors especially blue or grey ones and match them with a lot of golden elements added all around this space. Also, pick art deco elements that are trending right now and make your kitchen space more stylish than ever.

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3. Mirrors and art deco elements

Since the art deco trend is getting more and more popular, we can also think about glam art deco kitchens. So, pair velvet chairs, golden elements and art deco lamps with vintage inspired mirrors that will make this space seem bigger, besides being super fancy.

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4. Linear lighting

Linear lighting is the coolest lighting idea for your kitchen space making it look like a stylish restaurant or a cool bar. Add them on top or your kitchen island or next to your dining space and start having more lunches and dinners at home.

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5. Floors with patterns

Make your kitchen more spectacular with printed tiles. They will capture the attention of the room so let them stand out with dark or neutral cabinets. Make this space more stylish with black steel or art deco golden details.

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6. The kitchen that doesn’t look like a kitchen

The trends are getting more and more creative and they want you more creative as well! So, don’t think any more about a kitchen should look, rather than what are your favorite things and what you need. Pair kitchen cabinets with a dining space, add a lot or art and deco elements in your kitchen space and think of fabulous living room textures for this space (like velvet), cool cabinets and dreamy tiles.

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7. Stone sinks

The new cool sinks you need for your kitchen are the stone sinks. The design trends are getting more inspired by nature and nature inspired elements, so this type of sink will make your kitchen nature themed, cool and very calm and peaceful looking.

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