Importance of colour in choosing the right door

 If you have ever seen a living thing die in front of your bare eyes, do you know what the first thing it loses is? Its colour and this ‘colour’ is arguably the only thing that can render a lifeless object immortal in your memory.

In Wilde’s words, “Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.”Similarly, while buying any commodity, colour is the first filter our mind applies, and the same goes for a house door. A door’s colour most definitely has the power to make or break its curb appeal. Following is a set of things you must, along with an explanation for why you should keep in mind while choosing the colour for your internal and external doors alike:

1. Leap off the beaten track:

We live in a world where people tend to follow a trend like a herd of sheep follow their guard dog. Don’t fall for something just because it had been endorsed in a movie, viral on social media and trending within your close circles. While buying a personal commodity always customize it to meet your individual needs and complement the distinctive features of your personality. Cultures across the globe have associated a wide array of ideas, emotions and character traits with an even broader spectrum of colours.

While red is seen as a symbol of rebellion, passion and ambition, the colour purple represents wisdom, solitude and spirituality. Though it is also interesting to see how the same colour signifies different and at times, contrasting phenomena in a different time and space, click here to see the colour symbolism chart. Colour symbolism is a widespread cultural phenomenon, you’d want to be very precise about what your door colour says about your personality. Since the emergence of the online marketplaces like Online Door Store searching for popular and unorthodox colours for your door has become a piece of cake.

2. Why settle for clouds when you can buy yourself a rainbow?

Monochromatic interior leaves a poor impression on your guests. People would assume that you were either too lazy or unimaginative to devise a contrast for your living space. Moreover painting all your walls, doors and with the same colour makes it look confining ruining its curb appeal. A monochromatic interior design restricts the room for change in the future as well since you can only choose from the variant shades of the same colour for decor. Fixing a new glazed red door in a house that already has a contrast can look refreshing while in a single coloured theme it would be a poor fit.

A contrast of different colours in your home decor signifies that you are a versatile person. Each colour represents a different layer of your personality.

3. Light Up your Choice:

We know that the primary source of all colours is white light, which is why it also called polychromatic light. It is the selective absorption of this light that gives every object a different colour. A front door with a shocking shade of red might not look as catchy in your hallway because of different exposure to light. You can either create the same lights artificially or choose a different colour. So whether you are buying from a shop or placing an order online, do not forget to include the light factor in picking the right colour for your door.

The right choice of colour for your door makes it “a thing of beauty” which in Joyce’s words “is a joy forever”.


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