9 Relaxing nighstand ideas for the perfect calm and long summer

Its bed time, so start styling up your nightstand in a dreamy way. But, this summer make it super relaxing and give a calm vibe to your lovely bedroom. Here are nine relaxing ideas for the perfect calm and long summer:

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1. The chair nightstand

Use a relaxing rattan chair as your nightstand. These design ideas will look super cool and all you need to add on it are your essentials. Also, to organize everything better choose a minimal tray and style up your nightstand essentials.

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2. Boho look

Pick a trendy rattan nightstand and decorate it with nature inspired deco elements. Also, make it super relaxing looking with line art framed pictures and add dreamy green plants on it to give it the perfect calm vibe.

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3. The tiny wooden table

Choose tiny a wooden table or one tiny wooden stepping stool as the perfect summer nightstand. Decorate it with summer flowers or your favorite plants and choose neutral deco elements and only your essentials to make the space just dreamy!

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4. Nature is calling

Serve your morning coffee in bed on a minimal nightstand. Decorate this lovely corner of your home with nature inspired elements like wooden, stone or rattan deco elements, add dreamy flowers or tree branches in a minimal bottle and add your favorite quotes in a wooden frame.

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5. Minimal dream

Choose a minimal cub lookalike nightstand and decorate it in a minimal and elegant way. Choose a fancy golden lamp and neutral deco elements and make it fresh with tree branches or your favorite summer flowers. It will look dreamy next to some pink sheets.

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6. In an architectural way

Get all creative and style your nightstand with dreamy items. Mix and match fashionable books or hard covers with stunning design elements. You will definitely love this architectural looking corner.

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7. Magical dream

Think about magic and astrology and decorate your nightstand with cosmos and astrology inspired deco elements or with precious stones and gems. Everything will look magical and dreamy and your dreams will become special.

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8. Mid century dream

Because the mid century trend is still super cool, pick a round nightstand in this fabulous style and mix it with exotic plants, elegant candles and the perfect nightstand essentials.

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9. The window nightstand

Save space in a tiny bedroom and use your window extra space as the perfect nightstand. Style it with your favorite books, some dreamy green plants and the perfect beauty products to use before you go to sleep.

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