9 Dreamy Bohemian interiors that will steal your hearts this summer

This summer go bohemian for a relaxing and dreamy interior and home. Think of ethno prints, boho deco elements and get inspired by the lovely nature and tropical jungle. Here are nine dreamy ideas of bohemian interior that will steal your heart this summer:

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1. The statement boho rug

Make a bedroom more bohemian with a colorful ethno inspired rug. Also, add it next to your bed, which you can make more boho with colorful pillows in different shapes and a stylish cover mix. Don’t forget some round golden mirrors and a lot of oversized green plants.

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2. Boho & eclectic corner

This season why not make the bohemian look more eclectic. Add boho elements around artsy corners of your home like a colorful gallery wall and pair a furry ethno rug with modern furniture and decorations, everything will look summer inspired and truly fabulous!

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3. The tiny dining space

A tiny dining area will look bigger and nature inspired if you surround it with a lot of green plants. Also, to make it really boho by adding colorful ethno rugs under the table that will divide the space and also by mixing the plants with boho inspired deco elements.

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4. Californian chic

For a stylish space full of personality, mix bohemian elements with the gorgeous Californian chic style. Pair ethno covers and rugs and with exotic plants such as cactuses. Also, choose rattan chandeliers, rugs and mirrors and tropical exotic inspired paintings and wall art to finish up this dreamy space.

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5. Boho & Wild

Make a wild jungle in your chic terrace or balcony space my mixing wild prints with rattan elements and furniture and surrounding everything with small trees and exotic plants. You won’t want to leave the outdoors too soon and all you will wish for would be a lazy day at home.

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6. Pastel & boho

For a bohemian and tropical vibe add a pastel touch in your boho bedroom or living room. Also, most especially, from all the pastels, choose soft or dusty pink. It will look amazing with green, tropical prints and the best rattan furniture you can choose.

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7. Easy summer

For a relaxing and bohemian interior pick a neutral color palette and a black & white furry rug with ethno accents. Make the space brighter with a minimal statement mirror and add plants and dreamy flowers all around this calm and bohemian room.

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8. Boho dream office

You will love to work in a bohemian office and why is that you may ask? Well, being surrounded by a lot of plants, having a dreamy terrace looking chairs will make you feel like working outdoors or having a day far away from all the work stress.

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 9. A boho summer

Since the bohemian style is so popular this season choose rattan furniture for your gorgeous boho terrace. Add also wild elements, Californian chic inspired decorations and your favorite summer flowers and green plants.

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