8 Chic plants you can add in your bathroom space

Your bathroom can be your summer go to space to relax after a busy day. So make your bathroom a dreamy and Spa looking space covered with plants. But, not all plants can handle the dark and humid bathroom space, so here are eight chic options you can pick for this calm interior:

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1. Ivy

You can hang this dreamy plant wherever you want in your gorgeous bathroom. This plant doesn’t need a lot of light which makes it perfect for a darker space such as the bathroom. Moreover, it will look simply gorgeous next to your bathtub, looking like a scenario near a waterfall.

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2. Lucky bamboo

I adore the bamboo plants in the bathroom space, they make this interior Spa looking and they also give a calm vibe to this interior. And because these plants can handle a space with a dim light, they make the perfect plants for your bathroom space.

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3. Aloe Vera

This famous plant used in a lot of brilliant care skin products is also a very chic idea for your bathroom space. This plants love humidity and can also be a constant reminder for you to take care of your skin more often.

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4. Chinese evergreen

This plant loves humidity and looks pretty exotic! That’s why it will be a great option for your bathroom space especially if you have a chic one in a neutral color scheme.

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5. The spider plant

If you provide this plant a space with low light it will be just fine. Also, this dreamy floating plant will make your bathroom looking like a jungle or a dreamy nature corner.

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6. Orchid

Whenever I see this plant in a bathroom I instantly think of a calm and stylish Spa. This plants literally loves humidity and it will be that colorful, chic and exotic element in your bathroom space.

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7. The snake plant

This is a plant you often find in the bathroom space in all sizes. It looks pretty exotic and is great for a modern or Californian chic inspired bathroom and of course is super flexible to humidity and light.

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8. The ZZ Plant

This plant looks super cool and it’s friendly to humid spaces. Also this plant doesn’t love bright light so it’s perfect for any corner of your gorgeous bathroom, especially next to a colorful picture or bathroom product.

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