9 Romantic and chic bedrooms that will tell you a story this summer


Get summer romantic with a chic bedroom that will make your whole home really dreamy. From pastels, to floral details and trendy deco elements, here are our top nine romantic bedroom favorites for a summer tale:

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1. Vintage vibe

Mix romantic vintage elements like a gorgeous lamp or a retro nightstand with the dreamy Navajo spirit or any ethno inspired prints. This way you will have the perfect modern and retro mix and a pop of color that will make your summer romantic, optimistic and beautiful.

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2. Relaxing afternoon

Mix the prettiest ethno prints with relaxing deco items made of wood or rattan and enjoy a calm and romantic afternoon in your dreamy bedroom. Give a fresh vibe to this space by adding your favorite summer flowers and add colorful prints all around the space.



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3. White dream

Refurbish your vintage furniture by painting them in white and match them with the prettiest neutral sheets and white deco items. Add also white flowers and choose sea inspired deco elements that will constantly make you think of summer, like a relaxing poster or navy sheets.

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4. Pink Roses too

Make any kind of bedroom super pretty by adding your favorite roses. Also pick a gorgeous retro inspired bed and give it personality with an ethno rug that can look really summerish.

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5. Live your dreams

This season green is a very popular shade so pick it for your living room and match it with chic prints showing a vacation mood, emotion, romantic landscapes or motivational quotes. Everything will look dreamy and fresh!

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6. Romantic details

Think about shabby chic details like cages when decorating your romantic bedroom. Or, how about a light bulb shaped like a cage? Its look gorgeous and it can make any nightstand really stand out, especially a chic one decorated with your favorite summer flowers.

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7. Stylish romance

How about a chalkboard next to your bed where you can add romantic messages? Well, this is a cool idea for this summer so start getting creative. Moreover, add a gorgeous bench next to your bed and pick artistic pictures to add on your of your lovely bed.

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8. In a Victorian way

Give your bedroom a retro touch by surrounding your bed with velvet curtains. Also, add floral details around the room, hang your favorite accessories and add a fabulous chandelier in the middle of this chic space.

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9. Good night!

Make your bedroom romantic by picking a gallery wall that has flowers as a main theme. Moreover, choose floral print for your sheets, covers and pillow cushions and give magic to this space by adding dreamy lights around your bed.

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