7 Home Styling ideas for summer using amazing oversized plants

This summer go exotic and bold and make your home jungle inspired with oversized plants. These statement elements will make any home special, creative and really cool, so here are seven dreamy home styling ideas using oversized plants:

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1. Pink mood

Pink and green is a fresh and cool mix perfect for this summer. So choose low furniture inspired by the Japadi style, add a pop of pink in the room or choose a pink sofa and pick a lot of green plants to go with this interior, especially oversized green plants.

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2. Glam look

Make the summer really glam with retro inspired furniture and golden elements. Also, choose dreamy oversized plants, abstract painting and ethno rugs for a cool vibe that’s trending this season.

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3. Art deco feeling

Because the art deco style is so popular right now, choose for this gorgeous home deco style an oversized palm tree. Also, decorate the space with a dreamy chandelier and make this interior really exotic by also adding summer plants and floral prints.

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4. Retro mood

The retro look is super popular right now and it sure looks great with oversized plants. So, think about terracotta and Earth shades for your furniture and surround it with green oversized plants.

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5. Ethno look

Match the dreamy and summeri inspired ethno look with your favorite oversized plants. This season make this look more glam by picking a velvet sofa and ethno inspired framed pictures, pillows and covers.

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6. Morocco inspiration

The Maroon style is trending this year, but I love it especially for the warm season. So, add a gorgeous oversized plant in a rattan basket and match it with neutral elements and relaxing deco elements made of rattan, raffia and wood.

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7. Seventies scenario

Another style that looks great with oversized plants is the Seventies look. So, choose relaxing pillows or a cool Seventies sofa and match it with an oversized palm tree. Also, decorate this space with boho elements and framed pictures with plants for a cool and nature inspired interior, perfect for this summer.


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8. Artsy day

Make a pink and artsy room more special by choosing a lot of green oversized plants. Moreover, add ethno elements around this space and make this dreamy interior looking very Californian chic.


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  1. a simple but great idea! We generally recommend incorporating plants as accents. going with oversized plants makes an even bigger statement — and we love it! thank you for the inspo!

  2. My plants are a long way off being oversized for the most part – though I do have a couple of larger ones – I tend to buy smaller and let them grow rather than investing in large ones that might not like my house!