10 New dreamy IKEA items for a darling summer


Refresh your home for summer in a darling way with new trending elements and chic pieces. Here is our top ten selection from the new items you can find at IKEA:

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1. The summer themed pillow cushions

Make your summer more romantic and pretty with the dreamy navy blue Blagran pillow cushion. Match it with similar prints and pair in the prettiest blue and white color scheme.

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2. The pink plant stand

Make your balcony shiny and super chic with a pink plant stand named Kryddpeppar. Besides looking darling it also has a cool and modern design which makes it versatile for any kind of balcony.

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3. The creative posters

Create a colorful and creative gallery wall next to your bed or sofa with these Bald Posters. Your summer will instantly become more inspiring.

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4. Vintage love

If you love the floral print and the vintage style, this Ingatorp table with chairs is the perfect pick for this summer. Also, this vintage inspired trend is super popular right now and it matches the beautiful flowers you can find in the warm season.

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5. Party time with the big sofa

If you want to do big home parties and you love having a lot of guests over, this Lidhult corner is perfect for you and has a bold and retro inspired color, that’s so trendy right now. Moreover, is has hidden storage so it’s ideal for an organized space.

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6. Summer dining corner

Since rattan is such a popular fabric right now, this Melltorp corner table with rattan chairs is summer ready. Pick it for a tiny living room or kitchen or make your balcony dreamier with this wonderful set.

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7. The glam pendant lamp

What would you think about a pendant lamp that looks like a summer lamp? Well, this dreamy Skymningen pendant lamp will bring a summer vibe in your dining space and living room, for sure!

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8. The cool table lamp

This relaxing lamp will look cool in any kind of home. So, choose the Knixhult table lamp and match it with an eclectic, retro or modern style for a gorgeous summer in your dreamy home.

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9. Office ideas

Make also your office space ready for summer with these Anilinare binder clips. Personalize everything with a touch of glam and you will see how you will love more and more to be creative and organized.

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10. The blue magazine file

Because we told you a lot of organizing tips, you know by now that constantly organizing your files and documents is an essential rule of getting rid of clutter. So, choose these dreamy Fjalla magazine files and start organizing your living room and office space.

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