5 Organizing tricks I learned from Marie Kondo’s tidying up show on Netflix

I’m sure you all know by now that tons of people are obsessing about Marie Kondo’s tidying up and organizing show on Netflix. Marie Kondo has already changed so many lives making them easier, dreamier and with less clutter, using the KonMari method of organizing spaces. What is this method about, you ask? Well, it’s simple: you gather all your belongings category by category and you find the ones that spark joy to you. After that, the ones you decide to keep need a special  place to be stored.

And because in life and in a pretty space it’s all about organizing  essentials and the things you really love and enjoy and because I’m a big fan of organizing and I’m constantly writing about home decor, it’s time to mention my fav five tidying up tricks I’ve learned from the show:

1. Seeing your clothes all together in one place and deciding which one to keep

I actually did that a lot of times, with almost all my clothes – my method was: keep like half of your t-shirts or keep as many tops as the space that fits their shelf. But, what Marie actually does is making you add all your clothes on your bed and making you realize how many things you actually own, because you can’t realize before actually seeing them all in one place. Then, you have to hold each item and identify the things that actual spark joy in you, and I think that’s actually pretty simple to identify for each of your clothing items – maybe it’s old stuff, forgotten stuff, old fashioned items or things that don’t fit your style anymore.

2. Separating all the miscellaneous items by size and add them in boxes

Even if we are talking about drawers, boxes are a great way of organizing your small stuff in a drawer, I do that already for my belts, scarves and jewelry and I also want to do that in the kitchen, desk and bathroom. A great, yet simple rule I learned from Maris is separating every item by size, each size has its own box and this is how you can see better every item. Also, add small boxes in big boxes, this way it’s item has is own space and category.

3. Every item in one box need to be sorted out

Don’t throw all your small items in one big box and get it over it, like in a closet, attic or garage, arrange them in a way in which you can see them. Don’t keep new thing in their original box, because you will end up losing space. Just make sure you see all your small items and you reach them in an easy way.

4. Sorting papers in three categories

Yes, we all have a lot of paper, from memories, to bills of contracts; they seem to constantly add up in our home. So, what Marie tells us is to pick three paper storage boxes and divide the paper in tree: the temporary/unfinished documents – like bills that aren’t paid yet, the permanent one – like a birth certificate or a home contract and the ones you keep on looking constantly, the miscellaneous pile – with brochures, studding materials, delivery menus and things like that.

5. Rotate all towels and blankets when folding them to see them better

If you own a lot of covers, blankets and bathroom or kitchen towels this is a great storing solution for you. Whether you keep them in a big closet space, a basket or in a drawer just fold them in a circular way (or in a roll) and they will look very elegant and it will be easier for you to find every piece.

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