6 Chair designs you will love this year

Chairs are that dreamy piece of furniture that’s easy to replace or that easily gives a cool and fresh look to a corner of your home, your dining space, desk or bedroom. So, we checked the new trends and found these six darling models you will love this year. Which one is your favorite?

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1. The calm rattan chair

Rattan is one of the most popular deco fabrics of 2019 because it looks calm, super relaxing and also make you think of an exotic vacation. This season you can find it in any piece of furniture, but also in gorgeous chairs that will make your dining space looking tropical and calm.

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2. The scalloped chair

Velvet is a very popular fabric for these years glam chairs, but the coolest one is definitely the scalloped chair. Inspired by scallops this chic chair is a must-have for any room of your home, especially if you choose a darling pink one.

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3. ’70 Inspired chairs

The seventies style is super popular right now that you will love its creative and artistic chairs. This time, match them with really colorful interiors, brown details and add lot or art around them – from abstract gallery walls to unique deco pieces.

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4. The armchair

Because we constantly look for comfort in our lives, armchairs are super popular this season. From the seventies inspired armchairs, to the glam velvet ones or the mid century inspired armchairs, choose this chair for a reading corner in your home or an elegant office space.


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5. The beetle chair

Another very popular velvet chair model is the versatile beetle chair. Choose it any color and add it in your gorgeous dining space, bedroom or living room. It will look lovely with golden or fancy elements, marble and any elegant deco details you can think of.

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6. The mid century modern chair

Give a fresh look to a mid century chair by mixing it with modern deco elements and Scandinavian elements or choose a mid century inspired chair that will bring a classy touch to any interior. Style it with cool or mid century inspired lamps and oversized green plants.

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