How the interior design world is constantly changing – 5 New trends that emerge this year

This New Year I feel and see that trends are really changing in the interior design world. I’ve spoken before about the need of people getting close together in open spaces or areas with a lot of sitting options or the need of hiding from the world in your own home spa or special nook. But, today I want to speak about five new trends that are emerging this year in any style of home or any room. These style are easy to embrace, they’re positive, optimistic and very creative, so take a look and tell us if you love them:

1. A retro approach to home design

This year we get inspired by the past and find new ways to modernize it. Antique furniture and different vintage pieces are super popular right now and they look splendid and eye catchy around new and modern furniture, a cool paint color or cool art. Also, the color palette we often see makes us think of the past. We see more often retro colors that remind us of the creative seventies or we see a nostalgic café au lait color combo where the lovely shades of brown bring a beautiful artsy feeling to an interior.

2. The color revolution

In the last couple of years we focused o a lot on a minimal and Scandinavian design in neutral colors. But, today even these styles are more colorful than ever. Maybe it’s because we need to say a statement through or homes or color is that deco note that can make us happy in a bad day. Therefore, just try to add some color in your home by creating a dreamy gallery wall or adding a colorful piece of furniture or bold deco elements, this way all the items in your room will have a better contrast.

3. Everything is getting more eclectic

Because the world and the home design area is constantly evolving we love more and more styles and we have trouble in deciding which style to pick. That’s why we will see more eclectic interiors featuring three or four style. So, just think of your favorite design looks, your favorite colors and deco pieces and blend them up in a dreamy eclectic mix.

4. We mix the Scandinavian style with anything

From the new cool Japadi style to the Warm Scandinavian look, now we mix the dreamy Scandinavian style in any home style we pick. Why is that? Because we love the cozy elements this style has and its hygee feeling, we love its versatile furniture and its relaxing deco elements that truly go with any kind of style we choose –  from a bohemian one to a glamorous style.

5. Art is the main focus on making a space fabulous

Art challenges our creativity and imagination, that’s why you should always get creative when decorating your home. Now art is everywhere in our home, even in the bathroom space. Moreover, the pictures and painting are blending in with our books in the bookcases our shoes, our bags or filling in every deco space we have left in our home. Hanged on the walls or directly on the floor, art will always add the final touch in one room giving it personality and telling more about who we are and what we like.

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