7 Amazing bathrooms that will inspire you this month

The farmhouse style, the vintage influences and the creative prints are the most common elements for the most amazing bathrooms of this year. So, get inspired by these seven dreamy bathrooms and transform this space into your favorite room of your home:

1. Dreams in white

An all white bathroom will instantly give you a calm vibe but also the illusion of more light and space. Add black and gold elements in this kind of bathroom and also some vintage unexpected accents – like a map, an old mirror or paintings.

2. The creative wallpaper

Make a special wall in your white bathroom space using creative wallpaper in black and white. This space will look so cool so finish it up with minimal deco elements, ethno inspired baskets and cute wooden furniture.

3. Vintage vibe

Add a vintage farmhouse vibe into your bathroom by choosing wooden elements add make this space a little bit more glam with a statement golden mirror. Also, add dreamy green plants, neutral towels and anything that can make this space looking like a relaxing Spa, because the spa and farmhouse style really make a great bathroom combo.

4. Ethno motifs

Mix farmhouse motifs with ethno elements and you will have a relaxing and amazing bathroom space. Choose wooden cabinets, add a lot of flowers or tree branches and add an ethno printed rug in the middle of this dreamy interior.

5. Let’s double sink

The double sink is a trend that’s gaining more and more popularity and I think it’s because our bathrooms are getting more fancy and we are in a constant need to interacting with people. So, choose two retro sinks for your bathroom and match them with living room furniture and an ethno printed room, yes the bathroom will become a pampering and socializing space!

6. Reading time

This season make a special place in your bathtub for reading, just use a cute wooden tray and style it with wine, candles and books. Also, make this space fresh and special by adding a lot of flowers in vases and a cute printed rug in the middle of this room.

7. Grey moments

Make a tiny bathroom really special and choose an elegant color such as grey that you can mix with creative black and white tiles. Moreover, make an oasis out of this space and add a lot of green plants, a tiny wooden chair and gorgeous retro looking bathroom products.

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