7 Mid century modern bedrooms you will love to relax in

The mid century modern bedroom is still popular and stylish. Defined by elegance and with a dreamy classy vibe this kind of bedroom will bring charm in your home and can go great with any home style, specially a retro, elegant or bohemian home. Here are our seven top picks for a mid century modern bedroom.

1. The statement chandelier

Make you mid century modern bedroom amazing by adding a gorgeous chandelier in the same style. This will be the focus of the room, so other than that, pick neutral elements and an elegant color scheme. Also, serve your breakfast in bed in a retro inspired tray.

2. The outstanding painting

Make your bedroom stand out by pairing a statement abstract painting with a gorgeous mid century bed. Choose also a retro inspired nightstand in gold and pair it with oversized green plants, for a very stylish combo.

3. Mystery vibe

Looking for some mystery? Then, all you need to do is mix a dark wall with a dreamy mid century modern bed and decorate the space with abstract painting and elegant sheets. Also, for some magic, decorate one side of your wall or door with dreamy neutral lights.

4. A pop of color

Choose a mid century bed with a colorful bed frame in a bold shade like red or a classy one like forest green and match it with some mid century inspired mirrors. Also, mix and match the color with neutral and mix colorful pillows or covers with some neutral sheets for a great contrast.

5. The dreamy gallery wall

Make a mid century inspired bed stand out with a dreamy gallery wall next to in a neutral and calm color shade. Also, choose pastels and neutral colors for the sheets and pillows and add a glam vibe in the room by picking a statement retro inspired chandelier.

6. Relaxed look

Pair a mid century inspired bed with sheets and covers that have a Scandinavian vibe. Choose ethno prints in pastel or neutral shades and make this space look like the perfect home oasis. Also, add a cute framed picture with a calm landscape that will emphasize on the relaxed vibe of the room.

7. The bachelor pad

Pick a stylish mid century bed and nightstand and decorate your bedroom with cool lights, golden accents and dreamy green oversized plants. If you want this room to be a bachelor pad pick sheets with an abstract or geometric pattern and elegant shades like navy blue.

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