10 Neutral area rugs you will love for your dreamy home

All you need for your home is: a dreamy neutral rug. Yes, we definitely love them and you will too, there are super versatile and can give a room the final touch of personality and perfect structure. So, here are our favorite top 5 neutral rugs:

1. The ethno inspired rug

The ethno prints are back this season and this great print on a rug will make your home looking holiday inspired, a little bit rustic and very chic. Choose them for any room, style, especially a Scandinavian or Moroccan one and pair them with a relaxing chair or sofa and also natural inspired fabrics like wood, raffia or rattan for a relaxing vibe. Also, so you choose two ethno inspired rugs and pair them for a cool layered look.

2. The textured rug

A great texture can really shape a room, so for your living room, choose a textured rug in a neutral shade that will make a great contrast with soft furniture and calm deco items. Also, this kind of rug go great with a bohemian style, a ranch inspired decor or a Seventies design style.  Also, pair this chic rug with oversized plants, nature inspired elements and a dreamy comfy neutral sofa.

3. The oversized rug

If you have a big home this is the perfect carpet for you. Also, a neutral rug is perfect when you want an oversized length carpet that covers most of your bedroom or living room. To make it stand out around the furniture choose one with ethno inspired patterns or geometrical lines in black. Pair it with neutral elements, green or bold color accents and choose it for both a modern or retro room.

4. The furry rug

This comfy neutral rug screams comfort and style and the perfect relaxing spot after work. Choose it for a Spa inspired bathroom, a cozy living room or a relaxing bedroom space and pair it with dreamy pastels or neutrals. This rug goes great with a Scandinavian or bohemian deco style and its super adorable to look at! Pair it with cozy elements for the perfect hygee room and also with dreamy small home trees.

5. The round carpet

If you have a tiny apartment and you want chic details, choose a round carpet. You can add it in a stylish dining space, a small living room or a dreamy tiny bedroom or office space. Choose a textured one or one with a great neutral print and pair it with tiny furniture and statement deco elements and as far as the deco style goes, it works with all aof them, especially a bohemian space or a classy space. 

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