8 Dreamy and inspiring cozy living room ideas that celebrate the end of winter

Soon will get to say ”bye bye winter” so let’s enjoy once more the cozy elements we love in our home and we also get to keep during the spring season. Therefore, here are eight dreamy and cozy living rooms you will instantly love:

1. Searching for spring

For a perfect color combo that’s winter cozy and spring ready, choose different shades of brown and blue for furniture and pair them up with oversized green plants. Also, add personality to this space with cozy elements with ethno motifs such as covers and beautiful retro paintings.

2. Café au lait

Café au lait, the coffee we love so much and the perfect mix for a cozy room must be on your list for the end of winter. Mix furry chairs or rugs with elegant brown sofas and also add a statement carpet with ethno motifs, in the same neutral color palette.

3. Classy touch

Combine elegant furniture with cozy elements with ethno motifs and create the perfect space that says ”bye bye winter” and ”hello spring”. Choose elegant shades such as navy blue or forest green for the sofa or armchairs and decorate this space with oversized plants.

4. Exotic look

Pair a neutral sofa with a gorgeous statement rug with colorful ethno prints. Then, make the room more exotic with oversized green plants, candles, tree branches, but add also cozy elements like candles, covers or raffia baskets. But don’t forget the glam vibe: some golden deco elements will look great in this interior.

5. White balance

In a white space filled with exotic elements such as oversized green plants, make a cozy vibe using statement furry rugs. Also, give a nature vibe to the whole space and, besides the green plants, choose raffia baskets and deco items that are made from natural materials.

6. Modern minimalism

For a calm and cozy home, paint a neutral textured rug white a neutral sofa with a lot of pillows in different patterns that will give contrast and personality to this space. Add also a modern marble table and decorate the space with a lot of green plants.

7. In a neutral way

How about a modern and cozy combo? Well, all you need to do is pair a beautiful white sofa with a statement ethno rug. Add also, some classy elements like a floor lamp and of course, some dreamy green plants and flowers that can’t wait for the spring to come faster.

8. Around the fireplace

If you have a perfect, then the cozy vibe of your home is almost set. All you have to do is make your cozy space around the fireplace, choose a dreamy round coffee table, a neutral sofa, a cute printed rug in black and white and of course, start story telling in this dreamy interior.

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