6 Unforgettable, Magical Holiday Lighting Ideas

This holiday bring magic into your cozy home by adding string lights everywhere! Think neutral lights and fill every room with them, surround your furniture with them plants or Christmas trees. Then, just turn your home light off and just enjoy the magic of dreamy Christmas lights. Here are six lovely deco lights ideas for an unforgettable holiday:

1. Shiny living room

In a bohemian living space mix dreamy lights with green plants. Also, make this room super cozy by adding neutral covers and furry black and white rugs. Let the magical holiday begin! We absolutely love the floor lamp here and we thing dreamy lighting pieces have a great impact on how a space looks as a whole.

2. The dreamy desk

Bring more magic into your working space and get proactive and more creative when working from home by adding a lot of Christmas light between your shelves and desk deco items. Pick a neutral color scheme and enjoy this calm working space. This one works all year, not only during the holiday season.

3. Cozy times

Get cozy with white furniture and deco item and dreamy neutral lights. Everything will look pretty cozy especially if you add furry rugs, knitted elements and cute neutral rugs. Also, light some scented candles and enjoy a dreamy holiday vibe!

4. Under the sky lights

Make your bathroom simply magical by making the ceiling look like a sky full of stars using neutral lights and a dark ceiling. Then, just enjoy a warm bath with candles and a good book, under the sky lights. Who wants to jump in asap?

5. Good night lights

Sleepy yet? Well, make your nights more cozy, magical and lazy by picking a canopy bed and decorating it with a lot of string lights. Choose also framed pictures with good night quotes or sleep relating sayings and enjoy a cool holiday season.

6. Dream on corner

In a dreamy corner of your living room choose a simple statement mirror and make it the star of your room using neutral Christmas lights. Also, bring on more magic by decorating a cute staircase and your floor with gorgeous string lights or lighting pieces.

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  1. I love how little lights can make for sure a cozy vibe. will for sure be adding these to my bed room space for the perfect night lights.