10 Dreamy Christmas gifts wrapping ideas

If you love to give dreamy gifts for Christmas, we prepared ten fun and gorgeous wrapping ideas for you. So, all if left to do is think of the actual gifts. Have fun wrapping and check out our suggestions:

1. Let’s go for a ride!

Make your cute small gifts tiny cars with a Christmas tree on top. Looks super fun right? All you need is some neutral paper, red and white ribbon and tiny platic Christmas trees. Also, get creative and draw a fancy or retro car that your friends will love.

2. Ornament and cards

This is a very easy wrapping idea, you can use it when you don’t have an actual box or you’re not very good at wrapping. So just pick a piece of classic paper for wrapping and then make it super dreamy by adding a dreamy postcard and some lovely Christmas ornaments around it using a string.

3. Travel lovers

Make your dreamy gifts looking like cute old fashion letters. Add stamps on top of neutral or colorful papers and also cute labels that say cities or travel quotes. Don’t forget the name tags!

4. In a classy way

Pick neutral wrapping paper for your dreamy gifts and add the first letter of the name of every friend on top of them. To make it more glam, add glitter on every letter and also a chic silk bow in black and white or a neutral shade.

5. Candy time!

If you know your friends love sweets add a cute lollypop on top of each present. Wrap it up in a neutral way to make the candy pop up and use a classic string to fix the lollypop.

6. Greenery and red

Green and red is the perfect color combo for Christmas wrapping, so make it more cool and traditional and add green and red elements on a neutral paper. Pick pine tree branches and red Christmas plants and tie them up with a minimal string. Add also name tags or cute quotes.

7. Funny Rudolph gifts 

If you love this popular reindeer, make his cute shape on neutral gifts. Use horns and ears made out of papers and of course a red nose made of whatever you wish, just gets creative!

8. Lights on!

If you really love Christmas lights make them also for your cute gifts. Cut them from paper and pair them using a cute string. Also, color them the way you wish. For a more magical effects wrap your present in real lights, they will look super cool!

9. Elegant moments

This season think of the winter white or sweet pastels and wrap your gifts in a dreamy and elegant way. Add cute white strings or white ribbons and make a label with your writing or choose a quotes that defines best each of your friends.

10. Winter wonderland

Think of your favorite winter landscapes or picture from fairy tales and stick them to a neutral gift box. This way you gifts will look amazing and will also tell a story!

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