8 Fun Christmas drinks recipes that are great party starters

Let’s start the party with a fun themed Christmas cocktail. Try out new recipes, add holiday ingredients and make everything magical looking. To help you out plan the perfect party we gathered up eight yummy drinks just in time for the holiday season:

1. Mistletoe Margaritas

Ready for a Margarita? This time make it Christmas themed, using special ingredients. Invite all your friends and start the dreamy holiday season. Find the lovely recipe here.

2. Holly Jolly Fireball Shots

Are you a shoots fan and you want to quickly start the party? Then, try this fun jolly fireball shot along with your favorite friends. Go and check out the recipe here.

3. S’More Martini

Do you love a Martini Drink? Well, you will definitely love this Christmas themed one, it also has a dreamy marshmallow on top! Learn the fun recipe right here.

4. Santa’s Hat Christmas Cocktail

Hey Santa, care for a cocktail? If not, our friends sure will, especially if it looks this yummy and good. So, get the party starting and learn this fun recipe here.

5. Cranberry apple cider punch

The famous punch is always the perfect party starter so if you add Christmassy ingredients it will be perfect for a holiday party. Check out the recipe for the Cranberry apple cider punch here.

6. Grinch punch

This holiday themed punch has the Christmas colors and it’s perfect for the Grinch fans. So, check out the recipe here and start a dreamy party.

7. Jingle juice holiday punch

This punch idea is super dreamy and … pink so it’s perfect for a girly party. Add this cute punch on a glam bar cart and let the Christmas party begin! Here is the gorgeous recipe.

8. Christmas Mimosas

Ready for a holiday Mimosa? Well, you will definitely love this fizzy new recipe so if you want to try it, go and check it out here and start your home made party!

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