6 Gorgeous bathrooms that call for a relaxing fall

Start the cold season with a warm and relaxing bath in a dreamy bathroom space that looks like a SPA or a sanctuary. Lit candles and add autumn flowers to enjoy a lazy day at home. Here are six lovely ideas for you:

1. Magic dream

Create a magic vibe in your fall bathroom by adding a lot of oriental lamps, a cute wooden stair filled with deco items and a lot of oversized plants. Don’t forget to decorate the whole space with scented candles; you will definitely love this dreamy room!

2. Retro fantasy

This gorgeous attic bathroom is perfect for a relaxing fall so all you need to do is pick a huge bathtub and add a lot of deco items around the room. Pick a color palette and stick with it, then add tiny plant around the bathtub, a small table and dreamy paintings and framed pictures next to the tub.

3. Soft touch

Paint your entire bathroom in white and just add some neutral or pastel color details and furniture made out of wood. You will love the calm vibe this room will get and you will love spending a lot of time in this space just sitting and relaxing.

4. Calm notes

In a modern white bathroom add beautiful raffia and wood furniture that will make this lovely space ultra chic. Pick also minimal mirrors, a shower cabin and handles made out of black steel, all modern details that are super popular this season.

5. SPA feeling

Make your bathroom looking like a gorgeous SPA, add a gorgeous shower cabin floor, and fill it with exotic plants and pick a glamorous cabinet for your bathroom. Don’t forget some silver or golden detail that will glam up the whole space.

6. Retro elegance

Pick a wooden floor for an elegant fall bathroom and also pick a relaxing pastel color for your dreamy wall, such as this soft grey green. Add fancy details like a small retro chair and a statement mirror and enjoy whit lovely space of your home.

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